Hoodie you think you are?!

Is the Gargle Blaster in metallic ink?

$20 for a Visit Outside XXL zip hoodie? Why can’t all zip hoodies be that cheap?

I’m glad this sale goes through 12/15.

It is indeed!

Is there a way to get the Vincent Van Groot as a zippered hoodie? Pull overs are murderous on hair.

That’s my current go-to hoodie. I bought it last time it was offered and adore it. The metallic ink is subdued, more like a copper, and looks amazing. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input! I’ve seen it offered before but been in the fence…if it was a Jump You Fools or Panda is My Spirit Animal it would be a no brainer! I have a shirt in the metallic ink and love it so I’ll have to get this soon!

Uhm, this might sound kinda stupid but… is it just me or the sizes in the size chart of these hoodies are kinda small for adults?

The measurements are flat, not all the way around. Double the chest measurement if that’s what you’re used to seeing.

How come the pullover hoodies never have the full design on the back instead of the front?

Just received my Blink and You’re… Zip Hoodie and love it.

Still no “Aiming for Shiny” jersey zip up hoodie? I have bought literally all of whatever you have put this on. In southern AZ the regular zip hoodie is too warm except for maybe 5 days a year. Please, oh please, do the jersey zip up!

Hi. I would like to know how long it took to get to your hand when you made the order. I can’t wait to get one.


Would it be possible to get this in a pullover hoodie?

You Can’t Take the Sky from Me says
Design Placement:
Front: Right Side
Back: Centered
But I don’t see anything on the front. Is something there for real? Is it a mini of the full image?

Yeah, so if you squint and then move your face close to the screen… No I’m kidding. I don’t see a front design on there, but I’ll check with the shirt crew to confirm whether there SHOULD be a design on the front. Usually the zip hoodies have a little something on front.

Heard back from Trav who says there is no front design. I hope there were no strong feelings about having a front design!

Just received the Game of Thrones Zip Hoody - contrary to the picture, there is nothing printed on the front. As you are frequently interacting with people by facing them, this gives the impression to the majority of your audience that you are wearing a blank, black sweatshirt. I would not have purchased it if it was pictured correctly; not sure if I just received a defective product. I have reached out to customer service for a replacement.

Received a response from customer service refusing to replace the item because there “aren’t any available,” though there quite obviously are since they are still selling this hoody in all sizes… My only choices are to take a “partial refund” of $6, which is as good as no refund at all, or go through the trouble or repacking the item and shipping it back to them for a “full” refund, though this does not include the amount of time required to pack, get to the post office, ship it out (no word on if I have to pay for this), and wait for a refund.

This is incredibly frustrating and disappointing. I’ve been a daily Woot shopper for at least 7 years and I’ve never had such a huge problem with an order. Neither option is acceptable, I will likely not purchase a shirt/hoody from Woot again if this is how they handle incredibly blatant mistakes.

I still don’t quite get the sizing. The guidlines are not conducive for females.
I am woman, size bet 12/14 (Hight 5’4" Chest 43" Waist 37") Any other type of reference?
Looks like only sizes L + are left. I can easily wear a size large (women’s or men) but based on these sizing instructions, it would be HUGE on me. Like a man’s XXL. Help… (?)