Hoover Max Extract 77 Multi-Surface Pro

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Hoover Max Extract 77 Multi-Surface Pro
Price: $69.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Amazon reviews

2 Stars over at Home Depot

Oh Man! Amazon has great reviews, Home Depot has bad!

What should I do?!?

It’s not the exact same model, but the MaxExtract 77 shares a LOT of the same problems as the MaxExtract 60, described here: MaxExtract 60 Problems

Personally, I’d run away from this model!

I’d run from any hoover… bought one on woot last July refurbished… the upholstery attachment didn’t work from day 1… apparently no one had tested it. Contacted Hoover and after about eight back-and-forth calls they offered to send me a brand-new unit different model… I said okay… Used it maybe five times over six months. Went to use it recently and it’s spitting water everywhere will not suck… Now I have two pieces of garbage. what happened to companies making quality products that last for years??! Such a shame such a large product to be tossed in a landfill. Told me to bring it to a service station and hour and a half away. At nine months pregnant with two kids that’s not happening!! They make garbage products there’s a reason they sell them refurbished on here all the time they suck!! Stay far away from anything with the Hoover name!!

You should name your kid Hoover to spite them.

I always check YouTube for an ACTUAL person using the cleaner. This one shows as #7 of Top 10 on another site.

I like the brushes and a smaller cleaning width, personally … because the smaller the width (typically), the better the suction and the dryer the carpet after using.

If you’re looking for affordable payments, you can also try HSN.

I own this one, bought new. The dirty water tank is an engineering disaster (a year in and mine is held together with duct tape and silicone caulk), and the clean water mixing valve is failure prone. You’ll probably have issues with the spinning brushes. If you’re a mechanically inclined tinkerer, though, it works pretty well… when it works.

To anyone who bought this from Woot - did yours come with the small spinscrub hand tool spinning brush attachment? I got the stair upholstery nozzle device but not the spin brush, which mounts in the back top of the machine.

Since these are factory reconditioned and warrantied by Hoover, you might contact them or whomever you’re referred to if there was an insert.

They should have the parts available to send you.