How can I get RMA label for approved return ?

I have received email from Woot support that RMA was approved and I should get email with shipping label but I never got those emails with shipping labels…not from Woot nor from UPS (yeah…checked spam). So, I have two defective products that I can’t ship back.
How can I get the labels? My escalation emails keeps responding with same note…“you will get the email with label” but I AM NOT RECEIVING THAT EMAIL with link to shipping label.
Can anyone help?

Hi there. I see a label sent on 12/5. Some email clients really hate us.

If the item doesn’t contain a Li-Ion battery, you can do a self return to see if a second label will reach you. If that label doesn’t reach you, you should reach out to CS and ask that they send the label to a different email address.

I have below tracking but did not receive the lables. How can I get them?
Your tracking #: [1Z3047A59098344179]
Return Tracking Number:[1Z3047A59092885104]

I continue to get emails from Woot…just not the labels.

The labels come from a UPS email address so look for that and check junk/spam.

I checked for UPS email too but did not receive them. I get other emails form UPS but not the woot return labels. Can anyone in Woot send them to my email? This happened before and I ended up not returning and keeping the items that were not meeting my expectations. But this time, the items are defective and I don’t want to keep them at all. Appreciate the help

reach out to Cs and ask them to send the label to a different email address.

I sent various emails to but I am not getting any response.
Is there a phone number I can reach out to Cs?

How many emails did you send? Is possible they all got marked as duplicates.

They don’t have a direct number. If the phone are available there will be a button. Details in the link below.

(Please Note: I’m not employed by Woot, but I volunteer to help in the forums.)

Hi there. Customer service is working through contacts as fast as they can. Please be patient.

thank you

thank you for the response…I will didn’t get the label… :frowning:

Interesting progress…Woot support finally responded for one of the returns with label and I received UPS email with label too same time. I think there was a step missing UPS label to be emailed until support activated.

Now, waiting for next label to come. :slight_smile:

I have confirmed with our CS folks that you have received an email communication related to this order.

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