How do I find V-Neck shirts?

I have bought many shirts here, but all I want now are V-neck.

If nearly everything is print to order, why can’t I choose any design for any style of garment!? What gives?

And why can’t I search for shirts based on fit?

Am I missing something?

Hi there. Different options will available on dailies and on collections on the main page.

Today’s daily is masks so no shirts there. But you’ll find them in these events from the front page like these:

So no I cannot just print any design on a V neck, There is no way to search for all of your offerings in V neck and the only way to find them is to constantly scour the main page??

Correct. The designs that show a price range like $15-$32 will be the ones with options other that a tee.

Also, V-necks are only available for designs on these colors:


I should be shocked but I’m not.

Good for you to make users spend time in a muddy UI so more products get shoved in their face, but I can’t get what I want. Last time I purchased here was over three years ago and I am disappointed.

  • Okay so “Different options will available on dailies and on collections on the main page.”
  • So I open a new tab for every “section” of the front page that seems might be shirts.
  • Top20 page, listed on the main page does not show any “style” icons anywhere so I have to click each one to see which fit is offered… That’s 29 products loaded. (you did not say top 20 has them but is a section on the main page)
  • June shirt off and load another 20 products to find out which offers V-neck because again, no “style” icons on the thumbnails for each product.
  • Editor choice page, then into subcategory sports gear and load another 18 products to see which there offer V-neck.
  • Summer Apparel page has 23 products to look through!

If I load each and every product that could be considered a “shirt” to find out given the offerings on the front page I have LOADED either 64 pages (or 94 pages including top20) to find out which.

This ignores any preference to designs.

you see how absurd that is?

I know print on demand and stock and shit is a thing, but I would rather wait 3-4 weeks to get the thing I want than to have limitations like this.

Glad this UI scheme still works for you. I am however, not interested.

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Hi there. Yes, our UI sucks but it’s what we have at this time. We hope in the future to let customers order a design on the item/color they want but upgrades take time and we have a very small developer team.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll pass it on to the shirt team.

It has been like this for years. I won’t expect anything. I came back hoping, wow its been a long time, if woot is still a thing maybe they’ve grown. Nope.

I know your shirt division is different than daily woots. I know it is not what you started out as. And you may never plan to offer what I hope for. So take my gripes as my personal preference and don’t let anyone on staff feel personally hurt by my disappointment.