How to find BOC?

Where do you find BOC?

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Through the app games (there’s one today), Woot Offs, giveaways, and other events.

Randomly comes up during Woot Off.

Sometimes you can snag one in the App Game when it launches at Midnight CST.

Sometimes you can get one in a pointless push if you have them on in the App.

Sometimes they just show up.

Luck of the draw.

Good luck today. They go faster than you can imagine during Woot-Offs.

so you just look through “all deals?”

During the Woot Off, the B0Cs will pop up as the current item being sold from time to time.

If you go here, you can see how they sold a “Bad on Calls”.

If you take the first letter of each of the 3 words…

Woot-Off - Woot

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You don’t. You never find BOC. I’ve seriously been trying for 10 years. My brother has gotten 4 or 5. Me? Nothing

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B0C Day is/was all about hunting for B0Cs.

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Try the search bar on the main page.


You’re evil.


That made me spit up my smoothie mid-gulp.


Um… I guess it’s all in the title, “How does one acquire a bag of crap?” :blush:

you hope and pray and one day you make it past the vestibule.
or, you play the game on the app, and maybe win the game, and maybe get crap available there
or you get lucky on a weekly giveway

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crap into a bag

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Or you wait for an event such as B0C Day or Woot Funhouse.

You go get the one being offered RIGHT NOW!!!


I hit “buy” right when it came available and was sent to the vestibule of patience lol, there must be a lot of Wooters with quicker trigger fingers than mine :joy:

Yes, there are probably (I’m guessing) a few dozen each time it pops up, and several 100’s (or 1000’s) of wooters all trying at once to get them.

They will generally pop up every hour or so during a woot-off, also sometimes they are a prize in the daily Digital Crap game on the app, or snuck in during other special events/sales.
Always $9.99, free shipping (with or without Prime).

Keep trying. If it were easy, the possible disappointment wouldn’t be so coveted. :crossed_fingers:t2: :w_boc:


You wait 10 years. (I joined in April 2011)

Somehow I’ve never scored a BOC or an IRK on but within the last week I’ve gotten one on both sites. So maybe someone decided it was time.

That being said, I think if you use that app it is more likely to happen because I was on the computer and the app at the same time yesterday and I had several seconds extra on the app than I did on the site. The app just refreshed faster for some reason.


Did you ever get a Fuku or Fuko on Meh?

The Fuku was killed off in 2016, while the Fuko was killed off in 2018.)