How to see past deals?


How does one see the past deals now? I use to click on community from within one of the woot pages, to see a list of previous deals for that woot; home, clearance, electronics, etc. That was helpful to see what one missed, especially during woot-offs. Is this no longer possible?



Have you tried the deal-chatter category?

Thanks for replying. Yes, I looked at that, but to me, it seems like everything is all jumbled together. It used to be if I clicked on community, from say within ‘electronics’, I could see all the past deals, in reverse order by date, or in case of a woot-off, by time. One could then scroll down and see all previous deals. I guess this is no longer possible. This new style/layout is confusing to me, I guess it’s time to move on for me.

Thanks again.


I can help you with that.

When you are on the deal chatter, there is a box next do the “deal chatter” box at the top that likely says “all”


When you click it, you can select a sub-category, such as electronics.

You will then get the electronic threads.

I hope this helps!

Thanks, appreciate your time, that doesn’t seem to be what I’m trying to see though, not the way it used to be anyway. I guess woot is trying really hard to drive away its long time members with all this “newness”.

I can spend money someplace that’s more user friendly and intuitive to use.

Thanks again!!

Just wanted to jump in and say this is a feature I miss as well. I consistently used the previous Community Forums to see the history of deals in the WootOffs in order, which doesn’t seem to be an option any more. Posts are sorted by latest comment by default, and I don’t see an option to sort by the latest post. Anyone know how to do this?


It is difficult to see what deal was started on what day and in order.

I’m wondering if the mods can add on a column on the Deal Chatter page (or any other page) that is Date/Time post was created that can be sorted/ordered like the Category/Replies/Views/Activity fields. That way, we could sort by create date and see the deals in order of release, like the old forums. It is nice to be able to go back and see what you missed in an organized fashion.


That I agree with. Sort by thread create date/time would be wonderful for that category.


When did this “new” feature go into effect? I swear I was able to check past deals, chronologically, like a week or two ago.

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I think when you first view the latest deals they’re in chronological order but I’m not 100% sure. From there you can click on some of the column headings and sort by the ones I listed earlier. You cannot, however, sort the list chronologically by create date.

I agree this new system kinda sucks!


I agree-- past deals, in the order that they were offered (or a post was created) was a big feature for me & one that I seriously miss. I am surprised that there hasn’t been many more complaints about the sudden loss of that capability. If I’m away from the computer for any length of time (people have lives, right?), I like to quickly check to see what deals I missed. If there was something really cool there, I tend to watch the woot-off even more closely.

Now? I don’t see any way to check past deals (and differentiate between old deals and recent ones). It takes more than half of the fun away. Almost all of the deal sites that I’m aware of have a way to quickly see what past deals were (and when & what sequence they were offered in).

Is there some button somewhere I’m missing that provides that simple feature?

Edit: see, in the time it took me to type that, one, or possibly more, clearance deals have happened-- I have no way of knowing if it was more than one. Is that any way to run a woot-off?

Try adding


to the URL.



Awesome… now can we get a button for that? LOL

On each category, tag, group, etc…

Probably not?

That’s great, thanks TT, & it seems to work for woot-off items, but if I want to see all past clearance deals, (woot-off and non-woot-off), I’d expect to try something like this?:

which doesn’t work. What am I missing?

It’s working for me. There haven’t been any deals added to Clearance today.

The woot-off has it’s own category so all the sales from today are there:

Today is the first Woot-Off I’ve paid attention to in a while (so. many. BOCs!) so this is the first time I’ve noticed this problem in the forums. While TT’s link is helpful to show the chronological list of items, it’s not exactly convenient, and it only shows the names of the items, rather than showing the name and a picture like it used to. So, while I’m a year late to this conversation, I want to put in my vote for an easier (and more visual) way to see all the items that appeared in a woot-off (in chronological order) like you used to.

Hi there. Thank you for the feedback. New forums have different capabilities. We’re not able to put the image inline with the product title on the listings page.