HP 12CP Financial Calculator

HP 12CP Financial Calculator

This brings up some serious finance class flashbacks. :expressionless:

I got mine when I was in regulatory compliance in banking


Who is buying a calculator when software calculators are free on my phone?

Haha. I remember doing all the different words on calculators.

That and the pushbutton telephone song book.

titillating subject

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I was the ONLY person I knew that could spell my last name on a calculator. Thought I was pretty special, yes indeed.


Your last name is Boobs?



It’s $47.99 on Amazon.

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It’s hard to believe this still gets a big premium price after all these years.

this is the platinum model, not just a standard HP-12C

I know all about these kinda things

I can tell you do, with a handle like that

I have one of the standard models. I got it at work probably 35 years ago. Have been retired now 25 of those, but the thing is still working fine.


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$49.74 at wally world
Plat model free shipping

not deal in anyway

Still use my HP 11C scientific version of this calculator. Purchased in 1982 as a surefire way to discourage classmates from asking to borrow my calculator in class. “Nah, that’s ok. I don’t know how to use that one!”