HP 17-Inch Touch Laptops with Office365

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HP 17-Inch Touch Laptops with Office365
Price: $369.99
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Passmark indicates that the AMD operating chip at the heart of this computer is extremely slow.

Does the keyboard light up for working at night? Also, how many drives do they have and what types? A place for headphones or discs? How fast is this machine?

4 GB of RAM and a spinning drive, under powered and in need of immediate upgrades.

Word of warning to anyone buying this: I bought this laptop a little under 2 years ago, The fan died on it in just over a year, the rest of the laptop died shortly after.

I purchased this computer and can attest to prior statements. This thing is beyond slow. Out of the box it is practically useless. I’m now saving to upgrade the machine. VERY disappointed.

Not that it helps much for those dedicated to Windows use, but Manjaro Linux transformed my HP Stream 11 and pokey Acer “cloudbook” with 2GB RAM into useful machines. And you can dual-boot.

I guess if your using this laptop as a professional tool then I guess the comments about it being slow are correct.

Me?, I just use it to shop online, keep in touch on my motorcycle boards, Skype with my grandchildren and just basic surfing. For that, it’s a nice machine. Yes, I could have gotten a cheaper, smaller Chromebook I guess but the touch screen and CD/DVR Drive is nice to have. And I’m not constantly on this machine, maybe two or three times a week.

Just my $0.02.

How long is the office 365 license?

The very first thing listed under Features says "1-Year of Office365 Personal Included!"

You read the features!!! YAY!!! THANK YOU!

Complete with a built-in subscription to Office at an exorbitant price? Umm… no thanks.

I sincerely doubt it has a backlit keyboard at this price

Does anyone know… Is there a 2nd RAM slot? (Can I upgrade to 8GB by adding 4GB, or must I remove the current 4GB board and add 8GB?)

I was just researching this and it looks like there are 2 slots, upgradable to 16 GB. So you could use two 8GB sticks. It’s always best to install equal memory sticks in each slot. When two non-identical memory modules are used, the motherboard will run the memory modules at the speed of slowest module.

365 says it all. 365 days, basically one year. And the apps check every time you go on line, or, if you’re working offline they give you annoying reminders that they can’t verify the license (although that doesn’t prevent you from using them).

Agree. A gamer’s worldview of computers is quite different from even “power users” and certainly different from us non-gamers. We use apps that are not very demanding and the CPU spends most of its time waiting for us.