HP 61 Black Ink Cartridge (CH561WN)

HP 61 Black Ink Cartridge (CH561WN)

$26.99 too high

They’re like $30-35 on Amazon.

I bought it for a dollar on woot though

We do like to make SOME money now and then.


my bad, i bought the 62 xl black. this one has color. totally worth the extra $26.99

It’s weird that the photo is for the black AND color, but the listing is just for the black cartridge. Wamp wamp.

If you were THAT concerned about making money, you should have sold the first woot crate then to the person who attempted to buy it.

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Ok I lied. They arbitrarily went up.

HAHA! But then there’s be the canceling, making him return our banana. So messy.

Hmmm. Digging into it.

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Admit it, in the eyes of the Woot staff, that banana is priceless. That’s why you can’t sell it.

We do love our plastic bananas.

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What about the $1M B0C which somebody didn’t use the coupon for?

Title wrong; photo/features correct.

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That involved a lot of panicked emails to CS and a lot of work for CS.

Is that a hint the next BoC will be mis-titled? I’ll just have to click to find out…

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Duly noted! Thanks for looking out for us Wooters. :smiley: