HP 790-0031 Pavilion Gaming Desktop

HP 790-0031 Pavilion Gaming Desktop

Somehow, I think I’m missing something. Why would someone get an i5 as a gaming machine? Do gaming software packages take into account the specs of the machine? If you play MMORPG games, does the server pit you against players with the same specs, or do you go up against others who use i7 and i9 machines?

I Think i5 is also good for gaming. if we are enough good player :rofl:

You can game with an I5, however this isn’t a good price for the components. It’s kind of funny you think everyone gaming is using an i7.


Not only an i5, but a very slow version of the i5 to top it off! My regular desktop machine is i5 running at almost 4ghz, this is a 1.7ghz processor…

I can’t imagine any serious gamer buying this.

Not a good deal. If you work out the numbers, the prices of the individual components of this machine will come out to be less than the total price being offered here.

Further, this also can’t pass as a “budget gaming build” since even if you had upgraded the video card, the RAM would be a bottleneck - not to mention the 400 W PSU, which is not powerful enough to run too much more than what’s already in the machine. Oh and the hard drive at 7200rpm is probably going to get frustrating after a while.

I wonder what happens to all this junk that doesn’t sell?

Respectfully, yes, you’re missing far more than just “something.” There are definitely budget gaming PCs that Woot has sold with great success equipped with i5 cores (or lesser) that will work just fine with older games that folks today still play ardently - generally these machines would cost around $400-$500 tops, and maybe you’d throw in another stick of RAM for good measure (+$20-$30). There are also fantastic gaming machines out there that you can build yourself that are built around an i5 core that can reach $800-$1,000 easily, and will blow AAA-rated titles out of the water. IMHO, those boxes are the best bang for the buck, and will age like fine wine, only reaching upgrade age around 4-6 years out. There’s a very good reason Intel/AMD and other chip manufacturers produce middle/low-tier equipment. Otherwise, according to your logic, every single gamer on this planet should have a $2,000+ gaming rig. Focusing on just the CPU/APU of your machine is unwise. Doesn’t matter if you’re running a twin turbo 8.0 L W12 engine. If your tires are 100mm wide, or if your headers aren’t mandrel bent, or if your rack/pinion steering is put together with two wooden branches from a willow tree, you’re going nowhere, very quickly.

That said, this particular deal is pretty terrible. Pass on this one.

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I5-8400T has a passmark of 9494 which will be no issue with gaming. The weakest link on this PC is the GTX 1050 Ti which is close to the bottom of the Nvidia gaming. It will game, but it might not play all the latest and it might require dialing down some eye candy. Next I would add an SSD for the OS and program installations, and finally possibly bump the RAM to 16GB. Really I think you would be much better with this dealHP Pavilion Gaming Desktop Tower, Intel Core i5-9400F, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 690-0073w for $600. The GTX1660TI has a G3D mark of 11501 vs GTX 1050I with a G3D mark of 6068. This PC also comes with a 256GB SSD and the I5-9400F has a passmark of 12065 which is a bit better than the I5 in the woot machine today.

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Am I missing something? When you only put a single stick of ram doesn’t it 1/2 the potential speed of the ram? I mean another 8gb of ram wouldn’t have cost that much.

Not 1/2, possibly like 10% though because you’re missing out on dual channel. But that won’t even be realized in most cases because the HDD will be the bottleneck. Really I prefer that they did 1 x 8gb vs 2 x 4gb, because is someone wants to upgrade to 16gb they just need to buy 1 x 8gb. In most cases 8GB is plenty, some people might disagree, but if you ever run memory utilization, it’s rare you go above 4GB in most cases. Now there are programs and Virtual OS…that require lots of RAM, but your everyday work station is fine on 8GB (and even some gaming platforms).

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Thanks for the info

So this is the new Xbox I’ve been seeing renders of?

The problem I have with budget computers is that you can get so much more for just a little bit more money and not have to upgrade as soon and a much better experience