HP Chromebox 16GB Mini PC

HP Chromebox 16GB Mini PC

Latest linked-to-in-the-listing Amazon reviews say that this device no longer qualifies for any Google updates. If these are G1 chromeboxes (and picture suggests that they are) then it seems accurate.


Auto Update policy

Chromebox G1 expired Sep 2019

Interesting how woot started listing this on their posts but seems to have missed this one (which just so happens to no longer be receiving updates).

This thing makes a SHOCKINGLY GOOD media machine. If you remove the dev screw and install OpenElec, this box can handle up to 4K with no issue. The only thing I have had issues playing was h.264 10-bit content.

Event is called “Nothin’ but Chromebooks”.

This is a chromebox not a chromebook.

That is the least of my worries today. LOL

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