HP EliteBook 840-G1 Notebook Intel i5

Well, I have mixed feelings about this purchase. I received it yesterday from Woot (Exporttek) and love the laptop. The size and features were exactly what I wanted. However, on my laptop, refurbished meant a cracked case in two places and a dented case in two others. The screen is perfect, so I think the refurbishing company replaced it. The process to replace the screen is about 5-10 minutes, but to replace the case looks to be about a 1.5-2 hour job. I like the features of the laptop enough to keep it, but it will probably be the last refurbished laptop I buy from Woot.

Unfortunately I received a unit that was perfect from a cosmetic perspective but the Windows 10 Pro operating system was not installed so it was useless. I’ve returned the system and reordered another one. I am hoping the next one will be as advertised.