HP EliteBook 8470P 14" 240GB SSD Laptop

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HP EliteBook 8470P 14" 240GB SSD Laptop
Price: $299.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Wednesday, Feb 17 to Monday, Feb 22) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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There is hopefully a special place in Hell for the people who designed those kind of keyboard.

Yes, let’s add an extra column of keys East of the regular layout so every time you want to hit backspace you can hit home, and every time you want to hit return you can hit page up instead.

Darn it. No Bluetooth, no webcam, no go. Alllmost tho!

Does anybody know the full model #? Looking up reviews brings up systems with a bunch of different specs, and the pics don’t really seem to match up with the description. The one in the pics looks like it has a webcam. I’m looking for a good reliable laptop with solid everyday performance for my sister. She doesn’t need gaming power or the latest hi-def multimedia performance. I like the idea of the SSD, and the RAM and processor are much better than anything in any laptop I’ve ever owned. It does seem a bit heavy and bulky by today’s standards. She travels quite a bit, so I don’t know if the robustness and inclusion of an optical drive would be worth the extra bulk/weight. Anybody have any input?

For what it’s worth, this will do just about anything ya need it to do from a laptop.
It’s got a reasonably fast chip, fast DDR3 memory, which can be expand BTW to double it’s size,(that’s (16gigs) and it has a large (for a laptop) SSD. I believe you’ll be amazed at how fast this is and for the $$, you’d be hard pressed to find anything near it’s speed.!!
Now, does it have all the latest bells and whistles,…NO…but then you’re looking at Twice the cost of this puppy.!
Look at the other laptops here and I believe you’ll see that they’re not as fast as this and are somewhat more expensive, and weigh about about the same.!

Bought this last time it was on Woot.

And guess what…

IT DOES have:


Now, I have not used the webcam or the mic, but they are definitely there (physically), and the webcam appears when you go to manage devices.

Besides that, this is a nice zippy laptop. If you don’t care about a full HD display, this is a very good machine. Oh, the keyboard does feel a little cheap compared to my 6 year old Dell Studio XPS 13, but no biggie.

One more thing, no backlit keyboard, but next to the webcam it has a little recessed light that you can flip out and shine down onto the keys. Not as cool as a backlight, but serves the same purpose.

Hope this helps!

I think this does not have a specific full model number, because I do not think it was originally sold with an SSD. The refurbisher has added it. It was sold in different versions with i3 or i5 or i7, bluetooth, a webcam, and/or a fingerprint sensor, so those features may or may not come with the one you get from this sale. You’ll get at least what woot specifies and maybe more, but do not count on more. You just have to read between the lines of reviews.
This is a tough and heavy machine, 5+ lbs. It is made for pro traveling and abuse, and it is heavier than you think from its looks. Aluminum outer case, so if it gets knocked hard you get a dent not a crack. 14 inch screen, which is a MATTE screen like pro models should be.

What does she use it for? Remote work for business or checking email, looking at news, social media?

Can’t get the right tool for the job until you know the job. Maybe even a Chromebook would be fine…or not.

I was given one of these (with original hard drive) and, while it worked fine, it was HEAVY.