HP Pavilion 17.3” Entertainment Laptop with Blu-ray

Hopefully they don’t have many of these.

Really Woot? Do you have to creep me out by putting a spider on the laptop! Ewwwww! And I can’t even send my husband to kill it!

We seem to have a spider theme going now … Will we have a load of spider cr****ap come up later?

20 bucks less at Newegg? On a WOOTOFF??


AMD sucks…

If no one buys one, it doesn’t matter whether they have 1 or 100.

I just busted my monitor trying to kill that d*mn spider!

ah — nap and shower time… wake me when they have sold all but 5…

Not sure a wolf spider would fit under a laptop…

and on top of that, Newegg’s giving you a “300” DVD.

Spider come with it?

now, this is wootoff killah!! AMD?? Ouch!

lol, well i guess that arguably adds “value,” yeah.

I mean, it’s like they figured “it’s a wootoff, they’ll rush to order and not bother to compare prices.”

ugh. just terrible.

Had one of them crawl up a tent pole, and later found one on a shower curtain AFTER I was finished showering when I was in the Philippines. I swear you can hear the damn things breathing.

Early morning WOOT-OFF killer!

Well at least one person has bought it. But the bar didn’t move.

The Horror!!

Someone’s already bought one. No movement on the bar. This is the killer folks!

So I guess thats why Intel has had issues with Sandy Bridge chipsets and AMD hasn’t.

I love the AMD/ATI combos.

Now I am become HP, destroyer of Woot-offs.