HTC Vive Pro Focus Plus 6DOF VR Headset Bundle

HTC Vive Pro Focus Plus 6DOF VR Headset Bundle

this looks intriguing. I saw one review where it didn’t necessarily work with games outside of the games by the manufacturer. If it had a compatibility range then I might bite. Maybe a list of compatible games? or odds? like “60% chance for working with a steam game.” When manufacturers have advertising that skirt that, and expound broadly on everything else but that, then I am kind of wary… And when I search for videos to demo the model, I get 999 different videos showing me the headset from different angles, or pulling it out of a box. Yeah, like that’s not really the reason to buy something. Unless it’s art, you’re not really buying it to admire its good lucks. You can’t even see the battery when it’s behind your head because you’re wearing it! Or who buys something to take it out of the box and oooh and aaahhh. nobody. I want vids of someone playing games with it. Games not made by the manufacturer. I did see half-life demo. It looked ok.

Looks as if it would work with some additional purchases. It should play the games just fine, but it lacks some of the tracking features needed in a lot of room-scale gaming.

This is poorly described: it’s the Vive Focus Plus which is a standalone headset like Oculus Quest. (And also the branding in general is not great, it has very little in common besides manufacturer with the PC Vive headsets.) It’s not a PC tethered one, it doesn’t use lighthouse unlike the PC ones, and you can’t run steam on it. (It does have room scale tracking, doesn’t use the lighthouses for that purpose, just cameras like most other headsets now.)

I am not sure if the “Vive Business Streaming” tool that I use on my Focus 3 (this is basically the Focus 2) that lets you run steamvr apps on a PC and view them on the headset, would work on this. If so, then that’s how you’d get some SteamVR and OpenXR support. However, if not, then you’re limited to apps written against the Wave SDK for mobile which is specific to this line of devices. (So not many apps). This device does not support OpenXR directly. It’s roughly two generations old: the Focus 3 replaced it (and adds OpenXR support), and the XR Elite replaced the focus 3.

Basically, unless you know that the apps you want to run support the Focus Plus, you probably don’t want this.

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HTC has been dropping the ball constantly in terms of making proper VR headsets. Won’t be surprised if this company goes under next year or something.

And that sucks because there’s really no other VR headset competitors to compete against Meta / Oculus. Yes, there are the niche ones but they’re mainly aimed at businesses and the ultra elitists that can afford it.

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The Focus 3 is really, really nice. It’s really really fast to start apps, as somebody who does a lot of testing with it.

Indications are that the XR Elite is good too.

They just aren’t making buckets of money from your personal data so they have to make money on the actual hardware…

Ah, this one got a new forum post, but still has the error in the title.

This is a professional-targeted devices, but it is not the Vive Pro, based on the image. It is the Vive Focus Plus which is a 2-generation-old standalone headset (not tethered).

See more in my post here: HTC Vive Pro Focus Plus 6DOF VR Headset Bundle - #4 by Wooter405073293