Hue 80" LED LightStrip Plus Smart Light with 40" LED Extension

Hue 80" LED LightStrip Plus Smart Light with 40" LED Extension

I’m waiting for TP-Link Kasa light strips to hit the market. Kasa Smart LED Light Strip | Kasa Smart

Those are the same as any alibaba light aren’t they?

I’m curious how 120" of Light Strips makes 32 feet of light… if you read the description it says it’s 32 feet of light… Help a brother out here… Do I get 10 feet or 32 feet if I order this light strip package?

you can get 192" (16 feet) for $20 all day everyday with a nice remote. how this a deal at double the price?

15 feet for $10

I don’t have any experience with these in particular, but there is a huge variation in the quality of light strips. If you are looking for cheap, this is obviously not a good option. The cheap ones on Ebay, AliExpress, etc often have bad color rendering (CRI) and poor reliability. If you stray from branded LEDs, thar be dragons.

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You get 10 feet of light. The description needs to be changed (or Woot needs to include another 7 extension packs in every order). The 32 feet mentioned is the total length possible if you buy multiple extension packs.


Main description reads "The Philips Hue LightStrip Plus Extension adds 40 inches of light to your LightStrip Plus, bringing total length up to 32 feet. "

which seems wrong

Further down it reads “Extend your Philips Hue LightStrip Plus (sold separately) up to 32 feet by adding this and additional 40-inch extensions to cover larger surfaces and enable wider applications.” (emphasis added)

which seams more like it.

I have a hue lightstip and an extension and I love it. Works great with smartthings.

The walmart ones… well, YMMV. The can work. If you buy a $20-30 smart plug, you too can make them work with smart home stuff (though I don’t think you’d be able to set scenes/colors via smart apps, would need the remote for that… of course not all people need that)… but then you’re knocking on the $50 -ish for this price. The quality of the hue strip can not even be compared (w.r.t construction quality/feel… I haven’t had any issues with mine, though I’m just one example).

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Why are you comparing products that don’t compete in the same space when it comes to features and quality? People who would want Hue lights, likely don’t want an IR remote they can easily lose. They likely have a Hue hub and want the functionality of using the app and everything that comes along with it.



Our sale was poorly worded. We’re updating that. We meant to say that you can update to a maximum length of 32’.

Does anyone know how the light strips function with the Hue sync for entertainment areas? If I run it in a straight line against the wall behind my desktop screen will I be able to tell it which portion of the strip is left of my screen and which portion is right of the screen? Also, generally speaking, does the entire strip change colors as one “light” or can it be various colors down the entire length of it?

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I was interested in this as well. I believe it only recognizes it as one light because the strip is not capable of showing different colors in different parts of the strip. The entire strip has to be the same color.

Reading more into the Hue Sync for Entertainment it’s only good for output from a PC, since the software has to run on the PC. Hue did just announce Play Sync Box which would work for any HDMI input and display but it’s $230. It does support up to 10 ambient lights.

So for the setup to have ambient light that would differentiate from left and right would be two Hue strips plus the Sync Box. If you want top and bottom to be differentiated then you would need 2 more lights.

I’m half tempted to buy 2 of these to put up on my 70" TV as ambient light and then eventually add in the Sync Box for adaptive ambient light.

I could get away with just 1 strip and have it inset about 8" from the border of my TV to cover the whole thing with 1 strip + ext but I’m worried it will be too deep into the frame and not give off enough light. 2 strips + 2 ext would cover the whole TV then some but I’d have extra that I’d have to loop back. But then I’d be ready to add the Sync Box.

Then again, I could probably get some shorter strips that would fit my setup appropriately but then I’ll probably pay more…


After more research I found that the 80" base is the shortest length they currently make.

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The problem I have had with these kits in the past is twofold:

  1. how long is the cord from the power source to the start of the LEDs? I don’t see that listed here. I have plugs along my floor but I want to install the lights on the ceiling, other products I have used tend to have an insufficient 6 feet of cord.
  2. I have exposed beams in my ceiling and want to run 3 strips with just wire between each strip, so I can put one strip segment along each beam. Does the Hue strip support this? Again, every other LED strip I have tried uses some sort of PWM signal for color commands between sections. So adding a wire connector between segments screws up the pulse timing and the downstream LEDs then don’t receive commands correctly. Does ANY LED strip on the market support wire runs between strip segments? I can’t seem to find one that does, though it seems like an obvious feature.
    What I don’t want to do is spend 3x the money on 3 separate setups and all the issues of now addressing and syncing 3 sets of lights for one ceiling.
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Unfortunately, the entire strip is one color and intensity at a time. Your desire to have the individual LEDs on the strip change independently based on what is on your screen is not possible. You would think for what they charge for these things, it should be!

Anyone get a shipping email yet?