Huge Mega Liquidation Thing!

NOTE: The VGA Travel Adapter will NOT work with any smartphone. It is specific to the Motorola Droid line. It has a microUSB next to a microHDMI port. I hate how it’s nearly impossible to find a picture of the other side online…

EDIT: Woot! had a picture of the other side before…

Youths!!! Shakes fist

You could call these sales Today’s Deals! -and the wootoff Woot’s uh, Silver Box since it runs serially!

Thanks for the heads up!
I have the original Moto Atrix4G, which does have the microHDMI and micro USB port next to each other.

Did some further digging on Amazon ( and it is not compatible :frowning: with my phone.
blegh! got me excited for a moment.

What is the purpose of the green cursing monkey superimposed over the sales image?

Sometimes a monkey is just a monkey.


Hey Woot, I paid 149 for the Venom BMX bike back in April . . . is there no way to get a price match!?!?

You can email Woot Member Services to see if they’re able to help. I think it may be too long since your purchase, but there’s no harm in asking. Be sure to include your order number and user ID for quicker service.

I’m looking for a youth bike for my young teenager. I can’t interprete the size specs on this bike. Does this fit the bill?

So this is where all the kids are getting that crazy bath salts.