Congrats Drakxxx! This design is great in so many ways!

Those little smiley faces can be creepy in mass quantities

This shirt reminds me of the episode “Brain Scratch” from Cowboy Bebop. I like - in for one.

It’s robotic, creepy, yet strangely compelling.

Must… get… shirt… must… smile…

I Met System I is a palindrome. It’s the same backwards and forwards.

No fooling! That wasn’t, like, uh, the derby theme, now was it? Crazy!

haha, if I ever met a celebrity, it’d probably be a lot like the write-up. I’m so awkward when it comes to meeting people. XD

as others have posted, congrats on the print Drakxxx!

Congrats, Drak! Brilliant concept and illustration.

I thought the same thing. A very good episode, that one.

Three cheers for a great Derby weekend!

I’m going to have to buy this later, though, in the Reckoning page. In a poor decision, I spent $50 more than I needed to on comics a few hours ago. :slight_smile: What can I say? Siege is sucking me in.

I’m very glad this shirt rounded off the Derby. I had been pining for it since the lineart was posted in the derby comment thread, heh.

Looks like an early version of GLaDOS.

I’m sure System I is just a conveniently ominous sounding name for an overseeing self-supportive superstructure.

Just so long as it doesn’t flood the enrichment center with a deadly nerotoxin after we specifically installed a morality device to it to stop it from flooding the enrichment center with a deadly nerotoxin.

Congrats on the win, Draxxx :smiley:

Hehe, my thoughts exactly.

BOUGHT! Boyfriend will LOVE this for Vday. :slight_smile:



A very philosophical sweep through the derby…nice. This is impressively creepy, some wicked cross between 1984, 2001 and Metropolis. Nice.

Very nice. This reminds me of Serial Experiments Lain.

shiny disco ball