iBUYPOWER Chimera Thumb Screws in Gold

If these were in silver I’d but them in a heartbeat.

What are these? Thumbscrews are instruments of torture as far as I know, can’t tell what these are, but they seem to screw into something.

Yes: a horribly inadequate description. Doesn’t even have the thread size in case you DO have an application. They must not want to sell these very badly.

LOL They’re for computer tower cases. To replace the boring screws that tend to come with them.

Only nine dollars on the iBuypower.com web site and they come in silver and black!!!

Only nine dollars on the iBuypower.com web site and they come in silver and black!!!

Horrible picture, no description or specs? You are givers!!!

Was this give to the newAmazon artist and someone half asleep at the wheel posted the item as a final draft in error? That is the only way I can see this item being posted so incompletely.

I see. I’ll keep my boring, non-snagging, and much cheaper screws.

Do you have a link for that? I’d love to pass it along to our vendor managers.

**Hello Magickale my good sir **
These thumb screws come in gold, silver, and black all available for this event! Be on the lookout for a price drop on these bad boys! So stick around :slight_smile:

Much love from iBP!

** Hey ChecksDaman **

I agree, I still rock my old lame and boring screw ons. Nothing wrong with boring. But let’s be real, who could resist 4-8 shiny, beautifully metallic but unnecessarily lavish gold thumb screws with a Chimera on it hanging proudly on the back of your PC? Your move!

Hey socalkc
You’re right. We have failed you. These are still a fairly new product provided as a luxury for those of you guys looking to take your PC pimping to the next level. We’ll make sure to take more professional shots in the future. For now I have one more image for ya here.

Happy Wooting from iBP!

** Hey jxxxp **

Duly noted. We’re working on this! Stay tuned :smiley:

Cheaper on ibuypower’s website, and they have them in black, gold, and silver.

Just to reiterate for those that didn’t catch it yet. These are thumb screws for your side panels that usually sit at the back of your case/ system. They replace your plain, old and boring screws that no one ever seems to notice or care about. DRAW ATTENTION TO YOUR PREMIUM PC CASE WITH THESE BAD BOY SCREWS!

-iBP Phil

** Hey Andrew **
Good catch! We were notified of this earlier and you can see the new deal now live!