Hey Woot how about a shirt that simply says

" I won this on Woot !"

And then have a giveaway for them. And maybe sell some. You know for those of us that don’t win stuff. Lol
Personally I would love one.


Perhaps check this out and maybe get some dough!

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I can’t quite figure out how to submit.
I have three great ideas.

That’s a bummer. It is pretty clear on the buttons to click to submit your art work for shirts.

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My file was too large.

Ok, so crop and resize it in MS paint, save, and then upload.

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MS paint?

Microsoft Paint. Sorry I can’t help more than that, but maybe it is a start.

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Politically, I’m neither left or right. However, any idea I can come up with seems to be crossing the “no politics” line. :woman_shrugging: