iHome Halogen Desk Lamp with iPod Dock and Speakers

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iHome Halogen Desk Lamp with iPod Dock and Speakers [New] - $24.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * iHome IHL10 iPod Speaker Dock and Halogen Desk Lamp

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Obvious first question: is this iPhone compatible?


Not the hottest reviews on Amazon…

Edit: and they’re all about it arriving broken or breaking very easily.

disappointing reviews over at amazon

some really good reviews and some really bad ones on Amazon.

the luminosity of these lights are quite strong

How many charges can you receive on your ipod?

How hot do these things get?

which ipod gen’s is this compatible with?

an altavista.com search shows this is a good price compared to what else is out there:


They look a little flimsy. Are they durable at all?

unless you look at this amazon page.

Is there any device now that you can’t plug your iPhone into?

The REAL question - is this compatible with my Zune??

Are there external connectors to hook up multiple speakers?

If you had to where would you buy an extra light bulb?

Everywhere in the description, it refers consistently to “iPod” and only in the humorous photo tag line at the top does it say “iPhone” so I have to wonder can I dock my iPhone in the device or will I be relegated to the “in” port for MP3 players and CD players? Thanks!

sound quality???

My Hamilton Beach toaster.