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iHome iConnect Media Keyboard with iPod / iPhone Dock [New] - $39.99 + $5 shipping

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I’d buy it in a heartbeat if it had a Zune dock. :confused:

So why is the white one only MAC compatible?

And just to be “this guy” would the PC version work with linux?

If you connect this to your “other” computer (i.e. the one without itunes), can you play media from your ipod though the PC?

Why be lawful evil when chaotic evil is just oh so much more fun? >=D

Just ask Kefka!

I know its from the stoneage, but does anyone know if this keyboard would work with a 2nd gen iPod Mini? I know most stuff thats compatible with a 5th gen iPod is pretty good…but the description doesn’t say so…

…I also promise that I will join the 21st century as soon as this iPod dies.

Will this dock also charge your iPod/ iPhone, or is it simply for adding music with iTunes?

Here’s the manual



But as neutral good, I’d look so much better in white.

Have to take these things into consideration.

It is specific to Macs so that it can open iTunes and iChat and Mail and such things. A generic one wouldn’t be able to do that.

This WILL CHARGE your iPod/iPhone if if is in the compatibility list. This is confirmed per the manual.

It WILL NOT charge your iPod/iPhone when your computer is off, per Amazon reviews

i picked one of these up from my local frys a while back. it works well and the button layout is good. just gotta note though, the silver is grotesquely ugly in real life…

What does windows 7 lead to?

yup! it charges.

edit: beat to it

I was about to buy this, but I see no mention of it being compatible with the 3G iPod Touch. Hmm…

Also the black one has a Windows key and the white one has an “Apple” (or command) key. Other than that I agree with nadrik, the special keys could be more computer specific.

According to the manual your keyboard must be plugged into power with its own dedicated power adapter to work. In theory, it should work with just the keyboard if you’re just using USB, but I wouldn’t risk it.

“Warning: keyboard must be connected to AC adapter at all times when in
use. Your keyboard is designed to sync and charge your iPod or iPhone
when docked.”

This keyboard simply sends commands to the PC to start/stop music playback - it has no component inside it to play the music on the iPod by itself. If you would like to play music ON your iPod on another computer, you need a 3rd party utility like YamiPod (freeware).

All this is is a multimedia keyboard with a built-in (I assume powered) 4 port USB hub

-Multimedia keyboard
-iPod dock
-USB port
-USB port

One day Woot will find some huge collection of IBM Model M’s, respiff them, and sell them, and I will be in for three.