iHome iW3 Rechargeable AirPlay Speakers

I haven’t ever used airplay. That being said, can you push music to more than one of these at the same time? I like the idea of stashing multiple of them around the house and using the same audio source if thats possible.

The way airplay usually works is one device (ie, an iphone) can use the wifi to play to one source (ie an apple tv or airplay speaker) at a time. The exception is itunes, which can stream to multiple sources at once. There can sometimes be minor slowdown that causes the different speakers to be out of synch at times. However, when coupled with the remote app, you can use your mobile device or ipad to control all the sources in your house insynch.

tl;dr Yes, if you use the remote app.

Terrible reviews on Amazon


One feature of this speaker that I really like is the ability to plug your iOS device into it via USB and press a button on the speaker to have it request the network information from your device. There’s still the clunky “temporary hotspot with a configuration page” setup process if you don’t have a cable, but the cable solution is very nice.

For an Apple proprietary system AirPlay is pretty horrendous. Yes it’s not compressed like Bluetooth, but with these portable low fidelity 2" speakers… does it even matter?

Okay onto the bad parts of AirPlay… the setup it requires a Wifi connection, no Wifi then all you get is the auxilary cable.

Second step it requires configuring the Airplay speakers to connect to your Wifi, this can be a huge pain in the ass depending on your security configuration. None of these speakers have a backup battery for storing settings so if you unplug it expect to setup it again. Airplay does not travel well.

Functionality is also limited to strength of your Wifi signal not proximity of your media player and the speakers. You can have your media player stacked ontop of your AirPlay speaker but if your Wifi router is on the other side of the house you may have issues connecting.

After using AirPlay and then using Bluetooth audio devices, it makes me wonder why the hell did Apple even try to push this crap… It’s inferior in pretty much every aspect and the whole point of lossless audio streaming, is lost when you’re dealing with tiny speakers.