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ok, so why would you need a keyboard for a tablet that is that slablike? It looks like a first gen commodore 64. You can’t take that with you anywhere; it’s freaking huge. So what’s the advantage, if it’s going to sit at home?

WOOT! You did it! You finally got an alarm clock that docks Androids!

Would the android alarm work for android tablets, too, depending on where the micro usb thing is on it?

It connect with 3.5mm for audio. For charging, I believe you can turn that micro usb.
Here’s a video

Woohoo! Finally some android gear!

this is one terrible company, there’s no customer support at all, i would never ever buy another one of their product. Not to mention calling them was a waste of time. NO ENGLISH AT ALL. and i was calling during bus. Hrs. I would consider Altec products better service.

Just to clarify- are you referring to the company iHome?

Cam I get around the Motorola Xoom proprietary charger issue? Multiple chargers Snapper and on speaker Dock now more solid plug, but no choices, still love it just hoping…

Why do people complain about poor customer support. I don’t know about other countries. Just about everyone has poor customer support these days. I guess you haven’t figured out that everything is made and China and all customer support is done by India. How much support do you need for these products anyway? Pretty much all the stuff iHome sells you just plugin and you’re done.

So the android clock doesn’t specify - are the alarms only settable from the phone or does it have its own built in alarm function? What if I lose / forget to plug in my phone? Does it have weekend / weekday alarm support or is that, also, based on the phone being plugged in?
Is the display dimmable? My current alarm clock is great but its TOO BRIGHT.

Edit: So I checked out this youtube video: [youtube=Mwfv7oYCkWs][/youtube]
He highlights some interesting and weird problems such as the phone badly wobbling on the stand. Add to this the fact that my phone’s power jack is on the top, I don’t think this will work for me :frowning:

I’m confused. “Connect almost any music device with the analog 3.5mm stereo auxiliary input.”

So will the Android products like the iHome Android Charging Station and Speaker iC3SC work with an Ipod Touch?

I know the name says Android and so does the description, but it says it can connect with “any music device.”

Does the iHome Android Charging Station and Speaker iC3SC work for charging an android incredible 2?

Yeah, not my experience with them at all. I bought a iHome unit off eBay that was DOA from a deadbeat seller (way back when people used to buy stuff like that on eBay).

Not only did I get someone @ iHome who spoke english, I wasn’t on hold for more than a minute or two. Furthermore, after explaining my second-hand purchase situation (I was looking for a repair, not a warranty replacement) I was issued an RMA.

I paid to ship it there, they paid to ship a brand new unit back to me. If that is bad service, then I obviously don’t know what good service is as I have yet to see better.

I will buy with confidence.

Hi Kiki373 - As long as it has a micro USB then it will charge the unit.

The iHome Android products charge Android devices but were designed with the 3.5mm cable so they could also play music from Apple / other MP3 players.