Inflatable Spas: Spas-ably Maybe

I did some quick googling amd found similar or better products at the mother ship and others for less.

I’m missing the days of wept actually having CHEAP crap, now it’s all normally proceed off label crap it seems.

The refurbs are basically the only things that keep me around.

I was thinking the same thing. I’m starting to wonder why I even bother checking each morning. The deals of yesterday are gone. Now all we have are the same old same old that every other “deal site” has.

I’'m assuming this uses 125V, not 240V, since it is portable. Can anyone confirm?

I’d have to suggest passing on these. I was really interested in the inflatable hot tub do to how hard it would be to get a regular tub into my backyard. I followed the market for about a year and was about ready to pull the trigger on the Intex hot tub. I was seeing it listed regularly for $399 and sometimes on sale for $50 off that. Then Coleman launched their version. The tub itself is identical to the intex except for the color. The heating “pod” is slightly different in that it doesn’t have the goose neck for the controls. It was listed at $350 as it’s regular price and then the black friday ads came out and Walmart had it for $299!

I love it. I’m in Central California. It doesn’t snow here but we have had days were it got well below freezing at night and it can hold it’s temp. The manual says not to operate it below 40 degrees but after some research I have found that if it’s kept hot and not cold for a long period of time it works fine. And for me its is running great.

I’ll be honest, the “bubble” function works but I’m not into being agitated so I just like the soak. Their are no “jets” though.

Our vendor says:

Yep, I’ve watched them for awhile. Saw the Black Friday walmart deal also. If this was $299 I’d go for it, but I just can’t justify spending this much.

That is the best time to use a hot tub. When it is freezing or snowing and your chilling in some hot bubbly.

Hillbilly hot tub!

Where did you find said cheaper products? Links?

I’ve read enough about these inflatables to think that if I were to get one it’d be a Coleman. But something I haven’t seen addressed is this: it looks as if there would be creases and flaps and places for mold/mildew/ick to accumulate. Is this not a problem? Thanks!

Some pointers about inflatable spas.

They are not really meant to be used all the time. That is why they are inflatable.

It is hard to keep them sanitized with chemicals, as those chemicals can weaken the the inflatable plastic.

Since they run off any 120V outlet, they have weak heaters. Expect a full 24 hours to reach temperature. Sometimes longer.

They will not keep temperature at all while in use. The “jets” are just air bubbles being blown in. Outside air is pumped in. So that cooler air quickly cools the water. Even most true hot tubs cannot keep up with the jets on and have a recovery period to reheat.

Most people that use them regularly experience pump, heater, and or control failures. Not to mention air and/or water leaks.

If you are looking for something better than an inflatable pool toy with hot water, but not ready for a large real jacuzzi, read up on the spa-n-a box.

I have the coleman model (it’s really a rebranded bestway la-z-spa) - its worth it. I gets used very heavily around this house, and oddly enough, I found it to be more comfortable than the bigger fiberglass hardside tubs.

There is really only one fold that gets real dirty, under the air ring on the floor. They recommend draining and refilling once a month, but I’ve been changing the water every two to three weeks due to daily use. Just drain, wipe down with a towel, change the filters, then refill and enjoy. Whole process takes an hour and a half, plus about 24 hours to get back up to temperature.

As for the operate below 40 degrees thing, that’s a poorly worded translation, they meant that the spa water temp shouldnt be allowed to drop below 40F. As long as the heater is kept running in cold weather, you are good to go.