InStyler Original Rotating Barrel Hot Iron 1-1/4"

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InStyler Original Rotating Barrel Hot Iron 1-1/4"
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You may want to get some heat resistant gloves too with this.InStyler Rotating Iron ~ How To Prevent Burns ~ P…:

Does this thing really work?

I’m not sure if this is the same model, but its basically the same thing.

[MOD: Ours isn’t the Wet/Dry but concept is the same.]

I have the Wet to Dry version,, and really like it. It gives me more volume than a regular straightener and doesn’t seem as harsh on my hair. Even though I can use mine with wet hair, I rarely do. The sizzling and hissing of my hair drying is a little intense for first thing in the morning. I haven’t tried curling so can’t attest to that, but with the round cylinder it wouldn’t be very difficult. Mine came with a training “guard” to prevent you from burning yourself on the cylinder, which I still have on, doesn’t seem to impact the straightening, but it would cause problems if you were trying to curl.

Overall I really like it and I would probably purchase this one if I didn’t have one already.

I have used the InStyler for several years now and am on my second one. With my straight fine hair, the InStyler gives me a soft curl with body, plus it adds a smooth sheen to my hair. For me, it has been much better than a regular curling iron. This is a good buy.

I don’t know whether or not I’ll buy one but that demo was awesome! Thanks for sharing

I had the regular one, as well (I believe it was purple). I liked it, but would have preferred the wet/dry one, as I have terribly thin hair, and it didn’t stay around the tumbler long enough to curl. Yeah, THAT thin! I ended up giving mine away. If this was the wet/dry, I’d buy it in a heartbeat!

I’ve had one of the original InStylers for a good 5 or 6 years now and the premature white in my hair causes my hair to be massive kinky curly and I prefer my hair to be straight. I had a regular flat iron first and hated using it…saw the ads for the InStyler, picked one up at Ulta, and it was love at first use. So much easier to straighten my shoulder length hair. Mine is starting to show signs of wear and age, so I’m getting this one as a replacement when my original one finally gives up the ghost.

I have one of the original $100 models.
They do make your hair nice and sleek and they curl good.

The only thing I wish the company would do is make the barrel switchable so that it can turn one way and then you can reverse it for the other side of your head.

It’s kind of awkward that once you easily curl under one side of your head and you switch hands to curl under the other side, the barrel is now turning against you.

You have to be a contortionist with double jointed elbows to use it easily on both sides of your head.