ION Block Rocker Bluetooth Portable Speaker System

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ION Block Rocker Bluetooth Portable Speaker System
Price: $79.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Mar 16 to Monday, Mar 21) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Reviews over at Costco

this thing cranks! pops got me one fro christmas and i use in my garage everyday. worth the more than the price

We have 2 of these at my workplace (WJLI-FM) and they’re FANTASTIC! At this price we may “need” a couple more. =)

I bought this unit a couple of months ago, and no regrets. A no-brainer if you are looking for something like this.

Great BT speaker. Works great for large areas. We use it for pool parties all the time. Saved my a#$ one time. The power went out and I was able to charge/use cell phones using the USB charging ports. Would buy again.

Does anyone know what was refurbished? The only concern I have is about battery life on a refurbished item…

Question: The title says this is an IPA76C, but then the specs and photo show that this only has 1 USB port. Doesn’t that mean this is actually an IPA76A? I ordered 2 because the IPC76C allows pairing of 2 speakers wirelessly for stereo sound. The IPA76A does not support that feature.

When I contacted Woot customer service with the question above, I was told I would be receiving the IPA76A. In fact, I received the IPA76C. (Which is what I wanted)

This review is for the wrong model. Woot is actually selling the IPA76A, not the IPA76C which is incorrectly identified on the sales page.

Woot corrected the description to match the IPA76C model. The Costco review is accurate.

I received an IPA76C.

Seems decent. Sounds fine. The only thing that betrays it as a refurb are scuffs on the wheels.

My only complaint is that if you power a Chromecast audio with the onboard USB ports, you get a lot of noise. May want to use an additional cell phone battery pack for your Chromecast if you plan to do this, though if music is playing it’s not too noticeable.

I received an IPA56 (older model with silver trim, no presets for radio). It has two USB ports.

This is my second attempt to get a refurb ion audio unit from woot and both times the unit delivered differed from what was pictured/listed. Woot allowed an RMA for the previous mishap.

This new unit works well enough, and the price seems fine, so I’ll keep this one, but not impressed with the continued false advertising.

YES! I received 2 IPA76C speakers! :slight_smile:

I thought I should respond one last time since I sounded like the boy who cried “wolf!” in my previous posts.

When I contacted customer service inquiring which model was actually being sold, I received the following reply:

“I’ve checked the details and confirm that you will receive the two orders of IPA76A speakers.”

This is why I freaked out. However, after that email, Woot changed the specifications on the sales page. The original sales page had the specs for the “A” model (1 USB port). If you look now, the “C” model specs are shown (2 USB ports, wireless pairing with second speaker). But the photos & video are still for the “A” model.

Bottom line is I’m happy! I received what I wanted…Thanks Woot!

Ordered the ION iPA76C but got mailed a ION iPA56C with the speaker grill damaged and a chunk of wood missing on the bottom. Woot said they would “issue a maximum of $15.00 as an one time exception for the wrong item or we will issue a RMA for the full refund of the item”. I don’t want a refund I want what I ordered! Talk about false advertisement. I’ll sell you a corvette but send you a chevette and issue you a $15 maximum one time exception for the wrong item. Thanks customer service. :frowning:

I’m really sorry. I’ve added your info to my report for CS tonight.

I was shipped the wrong unit as well. Lucky me, I was offered a whopping $8 to keep it.

Just got mine. Only regret is not getting two. You can link them together for stereo. Will be great this summer.