iRobot Roomba 4296 Remote Scheduler Robotic Vacuum

Happy Birthday, dontwantaname!


Happy Birthday, dontwantaname

this sucks

omg totally in for one. if you guys are waiting for the next woot, you should go to my site :smiley:

I knew this was coming.

Happy Birthday, dontwantaname!

Oh lawd, another Roomba. Time to go upload pics.

u hurt my heart woot… :frowning:

“Happy Birthday, dontwantaname!”

Wow, another one

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH not the dreaded roomba

1 roomba was enough, why the hell do we need 2

Roooooooooomba :stuck_out_tongue:

I would rather stick white hot needles in my eye than ever purchase anything with RHOOMBA in its nomenclature ever again.

This is a great deal! I got one here and love it.

Happy Birthday, dontwantaname…just in case you are reading this one, too!

I bought one of these, had it replaced and even the replacement did not worked. Loved the 1st one when it worked for 4 minutes but not worth the hassle. Not good service from the company.

I’m not too good at guessing anything…don’t try an stump me… It’ll never work were all doomed.!

This is my third ever woot product listing! I had read about BoCs (bags of crap?) on another forums and I came here and saw the crazy lights and I stumbled onto something crazy!!! love it.