iRobot Roomba 530 Robotic Vacuum with Virtual Wall

Good to see the Roomba that made Woot famous back!

Grrrrr!!! roomba.

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I have this model and have used it almost two years now. I have had to replace the battery once which can be found very cheap on ebay, I think I paid about $35 including shipping for mine.

These things are great for hardwood floors. I always wanted a Roomba and when I found one at the right price I jumped on it. They are those devices that you have much doubt about if they really work, but once you get one all those doubts are relieved you can’t live without it.

The positive reviews on amazon and everywhere else were enough to sway me to get one initially, and while its refurbished here on woot! the price is tempting me to grab another one to make a great father’s day gift.

would be in in a second if it wasn’t a refurb. 90 days is not nearly enough time for a roomba warranty.

Do these come in XXL if I have an especially fat cat?

Oh look, another one.

Don’t forget - can always be used as a DJ!

What’s hot DJ Roomba?!

It’s also a bit curious that the squaretrade warranty appears to have gone up from $19.99 back in May for the Roomba vs. $24.99 now?

I’m interested, but not feeling the love on reliability.

btw, i love my roomba’s. i have had every model made in the last 10 years. can’t live without one, with my two white german shepherds and himmilyan cat. does the job, but there is upkeep with these. rarely does one last a year with out calling in for service. so 90 day refurb, you;ll be sorry.

Roombas are like part of the woot core family.

The other two parts, of course, are made up of Sansas and Leak Frogs.

i guess square deal would be worth it here. not sure how good square deal is though.

dont ever buy a refurb… i bought this and one year of not much use it’s garbage… bought one for a friend also and same thing… invest in a new one if you really want this. not woot fault but product is not good.

Bought my current (and only) Roomba, a refurb Discovery model, here in Jan. 2006. It died shortly thereafter (choked on dust bunnies), so I returned it to iRobot and they replaced it with a new one. Nice!

I replaced the battery once a couple years ago, and now it needs a new one. Should I get that, or just get this 530 instead? How have others here fared with refurbs?

PS Despite what iRobot would like you to believe, you don’t need to replace the filter. Just knock the dust out and it’s good as new.

Here is the similar Roomba 570 doing its thing in a time lapse video.


Here is a an article that has a super long exposure picture showing exactly how the Roomba moves about the room and gets all the spots. Its quite an artistic photo too!

Here is a Roomba Model Comparison chart.

It’s not a ROOMBA (Arnold Schwarzenegger accent)!

I love mine. I got it last time it was the Woot of the Day. Come home, get dog, set Jeeves free to roam and clean, leave for walk, come home to a clean downstairs. Now how can I get him to go upstairs while sweeping? I have been too lazy to carry him up. I could get another one for the “Upstairs, Downstairs” IROBOT 2011 series I suppose. Or, I could carry him up. As long as you clean the filter each time, and keep it charged, the Roomba and the battery will last. I neglected my first one years ago and found out this is what it takes.

i got it on woot for 139… 2 yrs back and it is working gr8… also one tip to prolong its life.
dont make it run for 2 hours in a room. logic states that it goes over each area 4 times. i.e so in thre first sweep picks up 50%. 2nd 80 % 3rd 90… 4th 95… and so on.
so best is to use to for half the time and pick up 70-80% dirt. and prolong its life…

another darn roomba robot? seriously woot, time to stock your shelves from a different company! irobots are sooooo 2010 and its now 2011…