Iron Horse Vineyards Brut Rosé (2)

Iron Horse Vineyards 2006 Brut Rosé 2-Pack
$69.99 (Normally $100.00) 30% off List Price
2006 Brut Rosé
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This is yummy, had it on the tour. Notes here say 4 years entirage, but winery notes we picked up claim 5 years.
Three to six times the winery discount we were offered if you bought a case.


After the RPM Newbie tour Iron Horse visit, I have a standing order from my +1 to purchase any Iron Horse bubbly that shows up on Woot.

I don’t remember trying this one on the newbie tour, but I was so smitten with Joy’s pinot, that it could have fogged my memory to the bubblies.

This is great stuff at a great price. Iron Horse is very much on the dry side for sparkling at only .48g/100 ml so beware if you like yours on the sweet side (I don’t).

Don’t recall it either from the Newbie, but this was the last we had on the vet’s tour after supper at Joy’s parents. At 5% for a half case minimum, couldn’t pull the trigger; 30%, no problem.

See there? I KNEW there was a reason I liked your +1 so much. :slight_smile:

We whirled in and out so fast that any memory lapse is understandable. If I recollect accurately, I think we were greeted with the Ocean Blanc de Blancs, and after the cellar tour adjourned to the patio for a lovely Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. And I distinctly recall the Russian Cuvee at departure.

I think there was something else we sipped on the patio, but can’t recall exactly what that was at the moment. But I’m betting cmaldoon could fill in the missing blank(s).

One thing I do know for sure is that I’m in on this deal. Resistance is futile.

Iron Horse is an auto buy in our household (particularly with this type of discount).

In for some bubbles!

I’ve never gotten into sparklers, but I have to admit that the ones we tasted with Joy were outstanding!!

I also though the Thomas Road Vineyard Pinot Noir, although a baby, was sublime. I bet it will age beautifully.

In for one. I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve had from Iron Horse so far.

Anyone know the drinking window on these?

In for 2. We hope the carbonization lasts until next summer.

That sounds right to me, but we tasted two different Chardonnays on the patio. One was native yeast fermented and one was an unoaked Chardonnay.

Both of the Iron Horse Chardonnays we tasted that day were so distinctive and interesting, that I ended up ordering one of each.

After we’ve been given a few months for our bank accounts to recover from the tour, I wouldn’t mind seeing a Woot+ Iron Horse boutique.

For those who haven’t visited Iron Horse, I highly suggest going. It’s a beautiful property without the pretense that a lot of the bubbly producers tend to have.

I went from being very very good and not buying wine to purchasing way too much wine in the last week. Gotta slow down. After the Brut Rosé arrives, that is.

Last wooter to woot: klezman

Joy, if you happen to pop in here, I’m sad to have missed this year’s tour. Our stop there in 2010 was definitely a highlight!

Simple answer: no. No one knows the drinking window on wines as well–made as Iron Horse sparklers. I once (inadvertently) held a bottle of their 1991 Wedding Cuvée until the mid-2000’s, and despite its having been poorly stored for much of that time, it was absolutely wonderful. I don’t recommend that procedure, and I’m more careful now that I have a better storage situation. I just wish I had known that this was coming up. I wouldn’t have bought one when we visited last week. No matter, I’m still going to buy more at this price. :slight_smile:

well, it is not a trio or otherwise great variety pack, but it is always great to see IH up here. The question is will it be one or two this time?

I saw a wino eating grapes once, i was like dude… you gotta wait.

Description is HILARIOUS! I was rolling.
Love Iron Horse but have to pass this time around unfortunately.

Joy, if/when you pop in here, thank you again for your hospitality, grace, and bubbles on the RPM tour. Definitely a highlight of the week, and I am so glad to have been able to experience the beauty of Iron Horse. This is by far my favorite of yours - I poked at HAK and said we HAD to get some.

I think we might just have to get some more!

Looking forward to cracking open the 3L Wedding Cuvee at our wedding!

This is wonderful stuff, you can never have too much Iron Horse!

We had absolutely wonderful evenings at Iron Horse on the Tours - yes, unfortunately a bit rushed the first evening, but not rushed the second evening after a marvelous dinner with Joy, her distinguished and lovely parents, and her niece (who is just coming into the winery after college), Barry.

Buy some. Then, buy some more as a gift!

It would have been nice to have fair warning it would be up on woot just a few days later. I would have gotten something different while we were at Joy’s and then maxed out on the woot.
Will have to see how many sets I can squeeze out of the budget. After all, one bottle from the tour just won’t be enough. :slight_smile: