Isotoner Men’s Leather Gloves

nice… go Dan go!!!

Insert OJ and MJ jokes here.

Can I buy just a single glove? There is someone I must challenge to a duel.

Snow done in my parts, but thanks

They never fit right :slight_smile:

If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.

I got the brown leather ones last time, super comfortable!



“Suede Army?”

Is that the Lady Gaga Fan Club?

Oh Great! some gloves to go with my tool

Why the heck would you want to buy a 3-year warranty on a $5 pair of gloves?

I’m sad that they don’t have any XL. I would have been in for 3.

No glove, no love. -Blue Oyster Cult.

but can I do this with them?

last time I got these they were the wrong size and had what appeared to be blood on them

Kudos to the writers, packers and shippers, etc. but a so/so woot-off.

I wonder if these will protect my hands while i use my SOG multitool to dismember my TRON action figures

Nothing enhances a woot-off better than Isotoner.

Oh no, not again. /facepalm

1992 called, they want their gloves back.