J5 Tactical Hyper V Tactical Flashlights

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J5 Tactical Hyper V Tactical Flashlights
Price: $12.99 - 22.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Jun 08 to Friday, Jun 09) + transit
Condition: New


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My brother scored me one O these. Pretty impressive little flashlight. Handy too!

Super tacticool…

Can these use those rechargeable 18650 li batteries?

A bunch of Amazon reviewers said that they use 18650s. Another one said that he tried it, but the housing is wider than an 18650, so it jiggles inside the flashlight.

“Tactical Hyper V Tactical”

WOAH! That’s like *twice[/] as tactical as other flashlights!

These are $3-$5 on Amazon

Post the link.

He might be thinking of these.

Now, if you need two and don’t mind a 300lumen light, these might be a better choice. so you can now get double the run time LOL…

Not the same brand and they don’t use TACTICAL multiple times in the name, but same lumen. And looks pretty darn close. But from my jab at the product, if they don’t post the run time, it’s a red flag. Looking at the one I left a link too, appears 45 minutes is it. But two different brands, same specs. And you can get one for under 5 bucks, free shipping. Just a thought.

not much of a deal when you can buy 1 for 12.95 on amazon.

Get 2 with free shipping and it less than woot! What’s up with that?

22.99 + $5 shipping = more

Am I missing something?

[MOD: Not the same model]

By George, I do believe you’re correct, sir! At least, that is, until Amazon realizes the fail, and up’s their price, as happens so often in cases like this.

I bought a couple of flashlights very similar to these (same bulb, battery holder, sliding zoom function, low/bright/strobe, end button), though mine didn’t have the groovy cooling fins.

While they were working, they worked very well, nice heft to them, bright and handy with the belt clip. But the switch at the end on both of mine failed at different times, and though I was able to repair one of them (I couldn’t resuscitate the other one), that switch broke internally again, never to flash no mo’.

You may have better luck…

[MOD: Not the same model]

please don’t waste your money on these - I have two of these and they are awesome. Grab yourself some nice 18650s and a charger and you’re good to go…

With Amazon beating the price and the 15% off when you buy 2 coupon, woot should throw in buy 2 get 1 free :slight_smile:

[MOD: Not the same model]

Plenty of these over on that auction site that rhymes with cBay for less than $5. Shop around before you buy.

I’ve picked up several of these elsewhere too, that look EXACTLY the same (but with a different/no logo painted on) for usually about $5. So here’s another data point to the others mentioning the same thing.

Hey all! You’re price comping the wrong item above!

Here’s the item we’re selling - they Hyper V

Ours 400 lumens
Other 300 lumens

Ours 3 x AA batteries
Other 1 AA battery

Ours 800 ft beam light
Other 600 ft beam light

Edit: Fixed link

Phew. That’s all I needed to hear!

I was very confused for a second - below is the link to the Hyper V. (TT - your link was to the same V1 model everyone else is linking to)


I have one of the V1’s and it’s great - one AA vs. three AAA batteries.

Eeep! Thank you. I fixed my link now.

Woot just doesn’t seem to be the same ever since Amazon bought them.
Just saying