Jabra Solemate Bluetooth NFC Speaker

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Jabra Solemate Bluetooth NFC Speaker
Price: $64.99
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where do the stars go?

I got one of these from woot and have had nothing but trouble. I bought two actually. Gave one away as a gift. I used mine but the connection always dropped. I could listen to music for maybe 20 min and then the bluetooth would drop. I’ve had issues since, and don’t use it. I’ve contacted support probably 3-4 times. The last time they just didn’t reply back.
Edit: I got the solemate mini actually. Perhaps these are different and better at pairing and keeping the connection - you can’t beat the price.

So NFC…can someone explain when this would be useful? This tech operates at 10cm or less so why not use a wire for less $? Bluetooth is like 30ft LOS so obviously that is better but it is so standard now I don’t even understand why NFC is even advertised as anything but a rudimentary included feature…

I had trouble also… My volume would not work.

Oh I get it! Sole-mate. Because it looks like a shoe!..
That’s pretty silly. I’d like to be in on the design meeting where they decided that everyone wanted a speaker that was roughly shaped like a shoe.

The NFC is only used for pairing the Bluetooth. So, the paring process is a single, quick tap of your phone instead of digging around in the menu to “discover” the BT device, and then pair with the dumb 0000 pin number, etc.

The idea is that if you have one of a few Android phones that support this, you can shave ~30 seconds off of your pairing time.

I got a refurb one but from another reseller.

I also have the soul-mate mini.

I prefer the mini. the soul-mate is louder heavier, and sounds better, but not that much better than the mini, and the mini is much more portable.

Its heavy for its size.

overall a heck of a deal.

I had good luck w. mine.

I bought one brand new over a year ago after doing some research on a quality speaker at a reasonable price. I’m glad I did.

The sound fills a smaller room easily and does a fine job in larger rooms as well. Personally I’ve never had any issues with it - the battery has been great as well. For over half what I paid for mine, this is a great deal.

Bought this as a refurb before. Never had connectivity issues. It is LOUD. Neighbors ask me to turn it down on the pool and I can only play it at 75% while in hotel rooms when I travel. Quality solid piece.

Only thing that sucks is that a man’s voice will bellow out
“Soul Mate Connected” with cheesy music playing before it is connected.

Also, a “Battery is low” will play out of the blue if you leave it on as battery drains. Freaked my wife out many of times. Hehehe

I love this thing! I got one a couple of years ago on v-day, and have loved it ever since.

I brought it with me one time, and kept the charge cord in, and the charge port got crunched, effectively killing the ability to charge. I bought a new one on clearance at Big Blue store for $28.00 about a year ago.

Better yet, Oprah had a deal that I found by searching Jabra Solemate Soles for 3 free soles with receipt (yellow, pink and blue). I tried searching, but was unsuccessful right now - others may be able to find it if they are better than me.

This thing will fill a room, a decent sized one at that. Sound is great, rich base. It will not be soft, though. I’ve tried sleeping with music, but this thing is too loud.

As for the comment about too short of a bluetooth tether? Way wrong. I hooked mine up during a party once, and everyone took a break. I hit the bathroom two floors up, and started playing games with dragons on my phone. I came back down to everyone breaking up laughing because the sound was playing through the speaker.

I have not had any battery issues, and this thing will play for a long time.

I make 8 hour road trips regularly, and since I have a craptastic old car, I don’t have bluetooth capability in it. I place this thing up on the dash and connect to my phone, and the thing does not die on the long trip.

For this money, you’re not going to find anything better, and I would suggest hitting that big yellow ‘I want one’ button out on the page. I’ve given a couple of these away to friends and family, and everyone loves them.

This is a sweet little speaker, and a great price, though the one I bought at Amazon for $150 failed to charge after a couple of months. Be aware that the micro usb charging port is a failure point and should be treated very gently because if it breaks, you now possess an expensive paperweight.

I have this device, works like a champ…absolutely no complaints. It has good sound & volume, pairs easy with my phone and other Bluetooth devices, and nice battery life. I also like that the cord tucks into the unit, just in case you need it.



I often get 8 hours on a full charge.

I’m buying one - the fact that it can charge off of USB is what seals it for me. I want something as a backup to my TDK A33 for tailgating and something that I could stick on one of the little USB charging bricks is perfect.

I have this (from an earlier Woot sale) and like it very much, but I agree: If you don’t turn it off when you’re not using it, it will shout at you in the middle of the night that the battery is low.

It’s seriously terrifying the first time it wakes you up, and my dogs go nuts.

I probably wouldn’t buy another one just because of this.