Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell

Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell

Apparently detects cryptids, according to that one picture.

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$90 for a Doorbell that looks like something from the ‘70’s or ‘80’s? (“Award winning design”? Perhaps an award from one of those decades.)

When you can get an actually highly rated wireless doorbell for $15-25 on Amazon.

For $90 one would expect it to at least have a (battery-eliminating) wired option for homes that have a low voltage source at the door and in the hall.

Or better yet, for similar or a bit more $, get a real contemporary doorbell that includes a security camera. RING anybody?

No surprise the inventory is being pushed on Amazon daughter WOOT! - but $90 for a “$120” original price? They must really believe WOOTers to be suckers.


Yeeeahh, gotta agree with bluemaple on this one. You can get a proper doorbell camera for this price or even less. Refurbished Ring devices regularly go for this price. What a joke.

I can’t even find anything saying what the wireless protocol is. It’s clearly not WiFi, probably not bluetooth either if it’s literally just “install the included batteries in your chime, remove the plastic tab in your push button and it is ready to go.” Probably just a simple fixed radio freq. 80s design, 80s technology.

Don’t worry, Home Depot has you covered for $7. Spend the rest on a nice dinner out.

Edit: Oh god. It all makes sense now. You’re paying for the designer’s inflated ego. I found this gem on their website regarding the ringtones:

The award-winning JACOB JENSEN cordless doorbell not only looks the part but also has five specially composed signals including one by the designer himself knocking on a door.

Edit 2: The rabbit hole goes deeper… Looking through their other products I came across this:
Wha… Why… It doesn’t make sense? Why do you need to see from the outside how long your car has been stationary? Who cares? And it was such an industry-changing product that it warranted a second generation?? What? I’m so confused.

Edit 3: Again, it makes more sense. The designer passed away 5 years ago. Probably just his estate or some money grubbing speculator trying to cash in on this guy’s formerly respectable work with some high-end companies like Bang and Olufsen. I give up, I’ve wasted too much time trying to make sense of this. haha