Jaipur Contemporary Tufted Rugs

Too bad you can’t spell Contemporary. Duh!

Can too! (reported)

is that 2 feet x 3 feet???


For the Ivy League Rug

Yes, measurements are in feet.

a couple of weeks ago there was a rug sale and there was a black and white area rug with a tree on it.

I missed this and have not been able to find it. Any ideas? I searched past woots but since it wasnt the “main woot” its not listed


Awesome deal! I looked up the Jaipur Rugs Perennial Favorite online and this is a spectacular deal…definitely Woot-worthy. Every place I looked had each size at more than twice the price here…the 7’6"x9’6" rug was over $600 everywhere looked. Woot! Way to go!

This one?

I bought 3 larger ones a few sales ago. They are nice, but are starting to lose a couple tufts here and there. Just get at them with scissors before they become a problem.

They look great.

Was the write-up supposed to say, “Covering a floor with a stylish rug makes it harder to SCUFF”?