Jawbone BIG Jambox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Jawbone BIG Jambox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Price: $89.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Tuesday, Dec 22 to Friday, Dec 25) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I purchased one of these through Woot several months back. I paid nearly twice this price and my speaker arrived damage. I’m not sure if they’re working with the same seller, but mine arrived in a cardboard box without any packaging. Like, the speaker was placed in a box that just barely fit the speaker and it was shipped like that.

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Can you buy insurance on a reconditioned product like this? Is it worth it?

Uh… how damaged? This seemed like a no-brainer right up until reading your comment.

Enuff already with the bluetooth speakers, Woot! Everyone in the world who wants one has to already have one, if not several. Jeez…

These have a 90 Day Jawbone warranty and at the top of the Features tab, you have the option to purchase an extended Square Trade warranty.

Well, I’m late to the party and don’t have one yet, but am looking to get one. Anyone have any experience with this model, other than the damaged refurb mentioned above? Is this a decent one for basic usage, and sturdy enough to move around from room to room or elsewhere regularly?

The corners are all chewed up and the top front of the unit is damaged. I wish I had a photo to show of the packaging. Basically, when USPS drops the box, the speaker is going to take the force, not the box. Like I said, maybe they’re working with a different supplier or maybe they’ve worked out the packaging issues, but I’m sure that the Woot staff probably knows all of the horror stories about these things arriving damaged.

Check the Jawbone site. Bought mine directly from them, absolutely love it. Better warrantee, same as new.

Just here to say, again.

I pay for it more than 100 dollars. It is well worth it for $120+. The quality is just fantastic. If you are looking for a portable speaker, this is it.

Many have pointed out that the bass is not really fantastic. It is good but just not very good. Besides that, I enjoyed it very much. Just to be clear, for a portable speaker, the bass is already top of the line in comparison to other portable speakers

I’ve had mine for over a year… In a word, “Awsome!” This was a NEW unit. The unit itself is very sturdy. It holds a good amount of charge. It was very easy to pair with my Apple devices. It does everything it is advertised to do. I was so impressed with the speaker, that I decided to get another one. BIG MISTAKE! That’s because I ordered a refurbished one. And, like someone stated earlier…, get this…, my second one came in a F’ing envelope with no padding…, without any padding or protection of any kind! Basically, it was just thrown in a bag, and sent off. The speaker was so damaged that I never even plugged it in. Eventually, I got reimbursed. So, be aware of anything that is not NEW.
BTW, I ordered two NEW Jawbone Mini speakers a few days ago on Woot. I look forward to them.

Get it Wednesday Jan 6th… No thanks!

Same here. All the corners of mine are damaged. That being said I LOVE my Jambox and I listen to it all the time. And like you I dropped about twice the $$$ on mine. At 90 bucks I think it’s worth it even with the dents. It truly sounds great!

i bought a refurb big jamb from woot maybe a year ago. It’s a really solid speaker and arrived in tip top condition. I’m pretty sure i paid over $100

I saw that it was supposed to come in January but just decided to take a chance. Other woot items came before their expected delivery date. I got it today in the mai . Yeah Woot. Now I just wish I didn’t tell the intended recepient that the gift might come after Christmas. I outed myself as a last minute shopper.
Now about the speaker. Can it be charged with a USB cable? I assumed it could but I looked in the package to see their was a round power jack along with a micro USB plug.

how portable is this big jambox? im looking for a really loud portable speaker i need my music to sound powerfull mids lows and voice i am tired of paying 50 and 35 bucks for BT speaker that sound like its made to just be heard at a dinner table like elevator music…
im looking for a speaer to take with you when u go over to your friends of family bbq or on a vacation flight to florida,california mexico the caribean etc ? i know the jbl charger and charger 2 for example have a rounded design which looks alot easier to pack in a suitcase or carryon. any input on carrying this jambox is appreciated

Just received mine yesterday…I plugged it in to charge for at least 3 hours. Nothing, it doesn’t turn on, no lights, nothing.