JayBird BlueBuds X Sport BT Headphones

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JayBird BlueBuds X Sport BT Headphones
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FYI bestbuy has the newer jaybird X2 currently on sale for the same price.

Do these SEAL in the ear, or hang outside the ear? Because I got Jabra buds and they suck.

I don’t know if they seal in the ear, but I know these go in your ear, not just hanging on top of it.

I have a set of these. Sound is very good. Good battery life.However, I’ve tried every possible combination of ear tips and flare tips, and they keep falling out of my ears when I work out.

Just an FYI
I had a set of JayBirds Xsport 2 same issue falling out. sounded great but couldn’t stay in place while jogging. I even tried just for mowing lawn but to annoying falling out.
Amazon too them back no problem.

I have had these for a couple of years now and love them, I can see if you do not use the clips that shorten the wire they will fall out.
After I started using the clips I have had zero issues with them falling out…
I think I paid $160ish back when I got them new.

These are great, but they really need to have the rubber tips replaced with tips from Comply made from foam. With the foam tips, they seal perfectly in you ears and don’t fall out. The standard plastic tips tend to loosen when they get sweaty.

I think the X2 version come with foam tips, so if you can find them for a little more it might still be better than buying these and then paying another $10-15 for new tips.

The foam tips are a big improvement. With the rest hooks, I have no issues with them falling out. I loved these headphones. They stopped working after 6 months though. Contacted Jaybird. They sounded helpful until they found out I got them from Woot. Said there was nothing they could do, and stopped talking to me.
Woot was really good about dealing with though.
Tempted to try again. Great sound and mic.

Sure enough the X2 is on sale at best buy for $75. Anybody compare the two versions? Considering I can pick them up at the store and pay no shipping the cost is pretty much equal. And I do see the X2’s come with the comply tips.

look up the comply foam tips…order a pair…the newer jaybirds come with them but I prefer the ones from comply that are a bit more stiff

I’ve been using these for awhile and like them. The power management is quite good. If you stop listening but forget to turn them off, they will still retain power for hours. The older BlueBird versions had a problem with the tips actually falling off, but this seems to be fixed now. I have no problem with the tips falling out if I make sure they are all the way in the ear.

You da real MVP