JBL Arena 10” 100W Powered Subwoofer

It would be nice to see the back of the unit, so we could see what kind of input(s) / output(s) this thing has. Even if they were listed in the spec’s, that would be helpful.

Best Buy has the picture


Hows this?


Doesn’t look like the back of my Polk Audio SW. At least I can run standard speaker wire to it and it had outputs to L/R speakers too. Paid about 99 bucks at ABC Warehouse. It’s the PSW10


The title states that it is 100W but the specs show 200W. Which one is it?

Specs state 200W peak and 100W RMS.

Go with the 100w as continuus power, 200rms only for bursts of power. Like a generator. It’s rated at 8k watts but startup power is 10k.

But I did find this LONG drawn out example of how it might apply:


Oh, and its at the mothership for 99 bucks too (the Polk Audio that is).


Very helpful. Thank you.

That’s not the same model at all - not even the same brand.

This one’s closer:

oops, my bad… I had JBL on the brain but had mentioned the POLK AUDIO. Thought it was obvious but I corrected it just the same. Thanks

But I think it’s clear, one on one, the Polk Audio has more features.