JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Just bought this at Target for $79 and that was a great deal at the time. As long as these aren’t refurbished, I’d recommend this.

May have to think about buying a second one for a gift…

They’re not refurbished. These are new condition in retail box.

This is a fantastic deal! We have a Flip 3 and the newer Flip 4. They are great sounding! The only issue is that the Flip 3 and Flip 4 currently can’t connect to each other. So if you have an older version (Flip 3) as we do, the JBL Connect+ will not work to link the Flip 3 & Flip 4. Hopefully JBL will put out a hardware update for the Flip 3 to remedy this.

I love the marketing pictures of people using this speaker in ways that no-one uses bluetooth speakers.

I have an older JBL Flip speaker, well I HAD one, my 24 year old son has taken it for his use :slight_smile: The sound is great, nice volume compared to some other Bluetooth speakers I’ve had, so I’m getting him one of these for Christmas so I’ll get MINE back! Great deal!

does this float? We boat and kayak a lot and would hate to lose it if accidentally dropped in the water. Thanks!

Hello? Waterproof, not floating. Did you see their weight? Sorry, not usable as a fishing bobber.

If you want a floating, look at the Altec Lansing boom jacket. It floats and has a mounting feature. This works great on the kayak. The sound is not quite the quality of the JBL, but still very good.


not wanting to use it as a fishing bobber ? just wanted to know if it got accidentally knocked off the boat, etc would it float. The video shows it falling into the water and then coming up to the surface as though it floats so just wanted to confirm. looks like it weighs about 1 pd. I have things that weigh more than that but float because of the material they are made from so weight has nothing to do with it. no need to be snarky. Thanks.

Thank you ipgreen

I think that was humor more than snark. That’s a typical wooter.

I got a chuckle from it.

I don’t have the JBL Flip, but my JBL Charge 3 floats and was advertised as waterproof. I would imagine the Flip 4 is also buoyant.

Is there an audio in port for say an MP3 player iot hear the music from that wired MP3 player? Thank you.

Based on photos I have seen, yes, there is a standard 1/8" aux. jack.

Aircraft carriers float. I imagine it has do with displacement and not weight. Eureka

Sorry, was a poor attempt at humor, not trying to be insulting. I apologize.

true that!

Actually that was my attempt, but it was a poor one. oops- my bad!

As Henry Ford famously said- any color you want as long as it’s black.

The question now is if I get this will my wife leave me? I love gadgets, and this would be great with my Echo Tap device, which is also portable. The Tap does have pretty good sound tho, so…