Jeep 3-Pc Hardside Luggage Set - Blue

My microbiologist/exterminator friend recommends hardside luggage as one way to protect against picking up bedbugs. I’ve seen these at TJ Maxx and they seem solid enough.

I have the 28" ones, they were 80/each at Walmart. The others were $70 and $60, respectively.

So while this is still a better deal ($150 for $210 plus tax), it’s not 80% off… :wink:

Comments from previous Woot sale of these (including weight specs on each case):

do the 3 pieces stack inside of each other? How much does each piece weigh without luggage in them?

Calling all Boise State fans…

And I utterly agree with someone who posted in that earlier sale - spinner wheels are a horrid invention. Not only are they less durable, but I frequently end up needing to push my bag rather than pull it, and spinner wheels end up inevitably sending my bag in the wrong direction when pushing and it’s simply not as smooth an action. Perhaps it’s picking nits, but it’s annoying enough that I will never buy a bag with spinning wheels. I much prefer a bag with a pair of inline wheels.

I’ve had the 24" carry-on for over 2 years of frequent travel. The wheels are fine, the case shows almost no wear at all. Highly recommend Jeep luggage…

did we go from 50ish percent to 93 percent? Or am I losing it?

bought the ‘khaki’ set yesterday… wonder if woot! would mind substituting the blue instead??? :slight_smile:

I thought the same thing…i’d love this set in red. Hoping they post it on here before shiping my khaki ones so i can return them.