John Boos 18" Solid End Grain Walnut Chopping Block

Now that looks nice…my wife would enjoy this.

Please have only 1 of these.

Okay, now that’s cool!


you can use it with your new Knives!


I’m so board

Perfect for your new knives!

I’ve always wanted a $120 wooden disc!

Now here’s a waste of good $

the woot gods must be hungry

you can use it with your new Knives!

aw nuts

For $119, I ought to be able to split firewood on this thing.

If it wasn’t so early in the game, I would predict a woot killer…

I like a good piece of wood as much as the next guy, but come on!

I could make similar wood for $30

Now i wish i had bought those knives.

So this is only good for chopping walnuts?

did just break for anyone?