John Daly XDS 16 Piece Mens Right Hand Golf Set



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John Daly XDS 16 Piece Mens Right Hand Golf Set
$129.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 John Daly XDS 16 Piece Mens Right Hand Golf Set with Bag Made by Dunlop

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Bah Right Handed!!


I’m left handed.

Thanks anyway.


shouldn’t there be a bottle of bourbon next to the clubs…LOL


John Daly golf gear is cheap-o golf stuff. Get it at Wal-Mart


Where’s the liquor compartment?


I rent my clubs. Cheaper in the long run as I usually break one. Yes, I am horrible.


Doesn’t a decent set of clubs require measuring and such?


Does it come with alcohol?


Right handed clubs - the bane of left-handed people.


If this is truly an authentic John Daly set, shouldn’t this come with cigarettes and a 6 pack.


Does this come with a bottle of booze, in True Daly form?


Will these clubs make magically empower me to drive the ball as far as John?


These look pretty nice, I really like the red color. I’m going to hold off until someone froogles it though. (I was half expecting them to be for lefties)


Horrible. Save your money and buy clubs that will actually last. Adams makes a good complete set if you’re just getting into the game.


Rent your clubs? Do you play putt putt?


Most people are right handed, the truly gifted overcome it. Pass


Does it come with a cup holder to hold an official John Daly beer?


I wish…BAH!