Journals for the Holiday?


For the past few years I have gotten a set of the Shirt.Woot journals for my employees as gifts. They work really well and its nice to see them being used over the year.

I am curious if there is planned to be another sale of these this year, or if I should look for something else for people?



@ThunderThighs I am also wondering this. My dear daughter has requested journals for Christmas. She’s filled every single one she has.


Checked with the team and they’re aiming to have some journals next week for last minute gifts. :slight_smile:


Thanks Looking forward to it.


My dd just asked me again tonight about journals being a “must have” on her list. I was able to assure her that “we” are working on it. Thanks, TT!


They’re here:


Not enough spheniscidae journals. :frowning: