Just Be Nice

Woohoo! Great design! Congrats! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Yay! Cat shirt! >^…^<

Sweet effort

Great job Walmazan. It’s the perfect embodiment of two very extreme cat personalities. Or the same one before & after catnip :wink:

Has the price been up to $15 for a woot-day shirt? Or have I just not been paying attention recently?

Yes, we have updated prices and our standard brand.

read about it here.

Congratulations! These are my two cats exactly. The happy one is the right color, too. Although the more difficult personality is a tuxedo.

I’m having to curtail my Woot spending but must join in on this design. Thanks!

Three days this week Walmazan… just keep taking all my money! You’re on a roll!

I hear he rolls his stacks, actually.