just wanted to say hi to everyone...

hi, i am movieguy58. so named by a girlfriend that says i know too much about movies. i am not 58 years old, but i was born in 1958, which makes me way to close to 50. i live between dayton and cincy ohio. i have a b.a. in math and an m.s. in statistics, and work in information tech as a performance and capacity eng for z-series. i am interested in many things, movies, home theather, digital photography, computers, high power rockets, sporting clays, golf… the list goes on.

i just set up a new plasma home theater. and a friend at work wants my old yamaha htr-5250. he pointed me to the rf processor/pre-amp on woot a few days ago. that was introduction to woot. a very cool idea. woot is now my home page. that way i will see it each day, and will not need to think about going there. no i did not get the rf unit on woot. it was a fantastic deal, and if i had wanted the pure sounds it offered i would have jumped on it, but i prefer mid-fi yamaha now for ht. for music i use an old hafler 110 pre-amp and hafler 120 amp set up. i know that shows my age a bit. but hey, it still works, and it still sounds great!

Welcome, movieguy. So, ya’ made woot your homepage? Say goodbye to life as you know it,


heh heh…well, unless you’re really able to wait until “each day” to check the new woot, when the good ones are often gone! I check in @ 1am, but if I’m really worn out and must give in to the dreaded sleep, I have a friend on the West Coast call and awaken me, depending on the woot. Have fun.

Sure are a lot of us from southwest Ohio. Welcome.

Yeah! A whole bunch of buckheads!! Oh wait . . . that’s in Atlanta . . .

Hey movieguy. Welcome!

Northwest Ohio FTW!


Who dragged this outta the dustbin???

Not me. I was all excited about seeing Gimma post till I looked at the date.

Do you need to ask? :slight_smile:

hi movieguy,
welcome to woots. i’m happy that your home page is woot now. yeah its true that we cant wait… but wait for the better woot and do your best. hope you will be benefited.