JVC Everio HD Camcorder w/ 40x Opt

Wasn’t this just on woot yesterday?


I’m trying to figure out the difference between the two models other than price. I’m afraid I may have been suckered for $60 last night.

Yesterday’s woot camera is a superior camera. 1080p compared to the 720p of this one for starters.

similar and admittedly confuzzling on our part, but do check the specs, and you’ll find a number of key distinctions. Here are the specs for yesterday’s Woot:

Sensor: 1/5.8" 1.5 Back-Illuminated CMOS
Zoom: Optical: 40x
Dynamic: 70x (in SD)
Digital: 200x

System: NTSC
Recording Media: SD/SDHC/SDXC (Up To 64GB)

Video Format: MPEG AVC/H.264
1920 x 1080p, 720 x 480p
Still Image Resolution: JPEG: 2.0MP
Channels: 2-Channel Stereo

Display Type: LCD
Screen Size: 3.0" (320K pixel)
Touchscreen: Yes

Advanced Image Stabilizer: Yes
Built-in Mic: Yes
Built-in Speaker: Yes
Tripod Mount: 1/4"

Output: (1) USB 2.0
(1) HDMI C (Mini)
(1) A/V

Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
Dimensions: 2.06"(W) x 2.19"(H) x 4.69"(D) (with battery)
Weight: 7.58 oz (with battery)

In the box:

JVC GZ-E200BU 1080p HD Everio Camcorder
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
USB Cable
AV Cable
2-Way Grip Belt
AC Adapter
Core Filter

Here it was in a previous woot

And since my dear friend WhatsamattaU is not here let me echo his comments from an even previouser time.

NOTE: Those links from “WhatsamattaU” are not for this model. The proper JVC page is here: JVC GZ-HM30.

The link to prior Woot is correct.

One specific feature to be aware of is its use of AVCHD Lite format, which not all home video editing software supports (like Pinnacle Studio 14 that I have).

Yesterday’s Woot! was a superior camera. I’m not upset over the 60 bucks extra. It was worth it for the touch screen and the better zoom.

I noticed prior Woots are $20 to $30 more. Anyone know if there’s actual difference between HM30AUS, HM30US or HM30?

Here is a very detailed comment from prior camcorder listing. Sale was for HM50, but this applies to HM30:

I wooted this exact model a few months back. This was my first go at buying and utilizing digital camcorder. With that being said I am the lowest form of amateur you can get. My biggest complaint to this point is my recorded video quality (720p) is being altered when uploaded to YouTube. I am sure it’s user error, but I can’t seem to get it figured out for the life of me. After downloading the video from the camera into the JVC native Everio software and viewing the vids they look great. As soon as I go thru the process to upload to YouTube I lose my quality. Ugh….

Here is my YouTube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCOiJCmEWVI there is no discernible difference between 360p, 480p, or 720p.

Suggestions are welcome!


I suspect YouTube compresses files to save space and make for faster loading, but I’m sure there are some experts here who will know for sure.


How much better is the video quality of the original video before uploading to Youtube? I’ve been looking at these JVC camcorders for a long time but am always hesitant to buy because the videos on Youtube don’t even look as good as the ones from my $150 digital camera. I always suspected Youtube lowers the video quality, even its so-called HD1080p videos. But I cannot find any original sample videos anywhere on the internet to make a judgement.

The “Picture here does Not speak for what’s inside”!

Today’s and Yesterday’s Woots,
may look the same but yesterday’s is a Better HD Camcorder.
The Video Quality and Optical Zoom are better.
But Today’s Model is Still an OK Camcorder!
Forget about the Digital Zoom!!
Digital Zoom on Most consumer models is a Joke…Terrible!!
Batteries that come with Video cameras have a Basic of Time Recording at best…maybe 40 minutes of Use!!
Much Longer Use Batteries
Get the Combo 2-BN-VG121U Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries and Charger Combo (FOR YOUR CAMCORDER MODELS:GZHM50 SERIES) ~~$50-60

When you’re watching one of your videos go to the settings button (looks like a little gear) and change it to 720p HD it’ll improve your quality a bit.

Yes, I always pick the highest video quality setting on youtube. However I assume all these youtube files (flv, mpg, etc) have been compressed by youtube and their quality is not as good as the one right out of camcorders. I really don’t care so much about youtube quality. I will buy this HM30 if the original video quality is good, which I haven’t been able to figure out.

Also an amateur here. Please be kind.

To the amateur what is the BASIC difference between this camcorder and the one several days ago.

If there is a difference is it something I, a raw greenhorn, should be concerned with.


That’s exactly what I am doing… that was written in my original post…

How do you get the SD cards to play after you record on them with these cameras.
What am I doing wrong?

I bought this camera with alight difference in name as stated before from HSN at twice the price about one and half years back. I guess the three names used for 30 model is all the same depending on who has ordered the production.

As for quality, I am very happy with it and would surely suggest it to a friend. Camera is extremely easy to use, turns on when opening the LCD, goes off when you close it (A big deal for my wife that loves to empty the batteries of anything we have). I am not sure your expectations but I do take videos with Canon 5D II still DSLR at full 1080, still very happy with quality of what this little monster gives.

Few important things:

It is very small. Becareful of shake while filming even despite shake reduction mode.

Battery life is the main issue.
Replacement batteries from JVC (Similar to crappy one that comes with camera) are as expensive as camera itself ~75$. Still give you less than one hour of filming that for me, being a Sony camcorder user for all my life, this is a very very short time.
Batteries have internal chips and Cheap Asian manufacturer could not come with a cheap replacement as is customary with Canon or Sony, but there is a version that needs a separate cord from cheap battery to be connected to AC input of camera to overcome the chips data. So hassle to use.

If battery was not an issue, I would call this as the best deal out there.

Even with battery problem if you are looking for a good camera with slight limitations, you can’t go wrong buying this one.

Price of current deal is among the cheapest I have seen for this model as long as refurb is not an issue.

Thank you very much for providing some perspective on the video quality!