Kelty Rover Tent

As one who has derided Woot! for its poor choice of product pictures, whoever posted the ones for this tent needs a pay increase.

The picture showing the two individuals putting on their shoes not only depicts the size of the tent in comparison to others, but also shows the advantages tents with vestibules have. Note the gear for two is stored outside in the elements.

This is a great tent for one person with normal camping gear, and a cramped tent for two. Cold, windy and wet weather will play havoc on the camper because of the design.

Yeah, like the one picture showing the two people putting on their shoes. The tent looks like a smart car stuck between two Suburbans. A 1 person tent at best but adding a “blue” tarp might be a good idea for wet weather use.

I would consider this a nice/dry weather only novelty tent aimed at the hipster mindset. Its really heavy for its size. In the rain or colder humid situations its going to suck cause condensation is a guarantee with this things poor vent situation. Car camper kind of play here and given you aint gonna hump this one 10 miles on your back you might as well get a bigger more comfy tent.

Kelty makes great gear and I am sure this thing is well made and will last for a very long time…I just think that nobody will use it very long at all after they realize its shortcomings.

In the first picture with the couple, did they pitch that tent in a sandbox that just happened to be in the middle of the desert?