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WOOT-A-TARIUM™!!! The place they put people who take WOOT too seriously (You know who you are :slight_smile: )

But that’s ok… it’s nice, padded and they take good care of you. You’ll be fine.

I think it is about time for another BOC. There hasn’t been any griping lately about not being able to place an order… let the chaos begin!!! C’mon WOOT… BOC…BOC…BOC!!!

Not exactly a BOC… but darn close :slight_smile: Nice woot!! Great deal on this bundle!

I’m in for 3!!! Sweet!!

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Kensington Productivity Bundle
TPS Reports in half the time
$14.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

This Easter basket of goodies from Kensington should make every person more productive. There’s an anti-glare lamp to prevent eye strain, a keyboard brush to clean the nasty Taco Bell crumbs out of your keyboard, two surge protectors - one for the office, and one for the road - to keep your computer from blowing up (protected up to $10,000), lint-free wipes and screen cleaner to clean the boogers off of your monitor screen, surface cleaning wipes to clean up your coffee spills, and a can of compressed air that you can annoy your co-workers with by blowing it in their ears.

Kensington Ergo Basic Light: Reduce Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and eyestrain with the compact computer light that eliminates glare at the source. Patented indirect lighting technology fits any flat panel monitor, easily and attractively. Lamp with 10,000-hour bulb. Black. 11” x 11” x 3´. Power adapter and mounting material included.
Patented indirect lighting reduces eye strain by completely eliminating glare
Special design distributes light as recommended by optometrists
Focuses light in the work area to save on electric bills
Compact design attaches easily and attractively to flat panel monitors
Save time and money with 10,000-hour bulb
Power adapter and mounting material included for easy installation
The SmartSocket Wall Mount Surge Protector moves surge protection off the floor and flush against the wall. If any of your equpment is damaged by a surge while connected to the Wall Mounted SmartSockets, the manufacturer will repair or replace it – up to $10,000 worth!
Protects computers with modems from damaging surges and spikes
Six color-coded rings and matching cord labels provide easy cord management
370 Joules, 330 Clamping Voltage, fax/modem protection
Lifetime product warranty: $10,000 connected equipment replacement warranty
System Requirements: Properly grounded 3-prong electrical outlet.
Dimensions: 4.5”L X 1.75”H X 4.75”W
Warranty: SmartSockets® Wall Mount is backed by the Kensington Lifetime Warranty
Kensington Smartsockets Portable Surge Protector offers the latest advancements in technology and design of surge suppression. SmartSockets’ telephone, modem, and fax protection prevent surges due to nearby lightning strikes from reaching your computer. This surge suppressor is used with portables and features one outlet with the consumption of 210 Joules.
Output connector(s) – 1 x power 3-pole
Manufacturer Warranty – Lifetime warranty
Circuit Protection – Circuit breaker
Interfaces – 1 x modem – phone line – RJ-11
Connections – 1 x modem – phone line – RJ-11
Cables Included – 1 x modem cable – 7 ft
Equipment Protection Value – 10000 US Dollars
Service & Support – Lifetime warranty
Surface Guardian® Lint Free Wipes:
Safer to use on computers and electronic equipment than paper towels
Won’t scratch, shred or leave harmful lint—even when wet
Highly absorbent, washable and crushable
Duster™ II Air Duster Non-ozone depleting compressed gas duster in recyclable can. Trigger control for user ease; extension tube for precision dusting of computers, printers, keyboards and other electronic equipment.
10-oz. Can
The Dust Guardian Keyboard Brush safely removes dust and dirt from keyboards, mice, circuit boards, telephones, monitor air vents, and other office surfaces. Allows you to easily sweep dust and crumbs away from hard to reach places. Not recommended for coated monitor screens or antiglare filters.

Kensington Screen Guardian Screen Cleaner removes dust, dirt and other contaminants from monitor screens. Use on antiglare, polarized and notebook computer screens, too. Safer for delicate equipment than household cleansers. Clean screens help improve readability.
4 oz. pump spray for use with Kensington Lint-Free Wipes
Surface Guardian Cleaning Wipes provides one-step cleaning for your electronic equipment and office surfaces. Solution quickly evaporates. Antistatic formula helps keep dust and dirt from building up. Nonabrasive. Not for notebook or antiglare screens.
Individually Wrapped 21 Wipes/Box


sweet woot tonight :o

This productivity bundle is sure to uhh boost my productivity sky high!
Wonder if that anti-glare light really works? It sounds kinda annoying having a light in your face no?

But either way, these should come in handy for cleaning the PC once in a while…or even your work PC…I’ve had to deal with some really nasty work PCs…ugh

And that anti-glare light is apparently $20+ if you want to buy it yourself, so if you’ve been wanting one this woot would actually be quite warm =p

It’s actually a better bundle than the stuff I get when ordering 3 BOCs…I still have all those pucks…pucks pucks pucks…arrghh gett tthmm off meee… -->The next-gen of deal sites…or just a place to visit if you’re not buying tonight’s woot =p







Wusup WOOTERS! THis is my first post…I have to say I love woot
The Motorola receiver is a blast


WHAT? NO PUCK? :lol: :lol: :lol:


Definitely BOC material… nice lamp though.


Definitely BOC material… nice lamp though. Feel like I’m talking to myself… or there’s an echo in here…




yeah, if you could go ahead and come into work on saturday, that would be great.


first page!! I might get one.

We are due for a BoC soon. The schedule was January 28th to April 15th, which is 2 and a half months, and it has been 2 months since that already. Hopefully it will be within the next two weeks.


shit in a bag sells for more.


good woot?


looks like FAR stuff to me…Pass


i stayed up for this?


And I stayed up for this!? Can’t use it. :shock: This Wooter is going to bed.zzzzzzzzzzzz




no thank you.
(edit. wow. im sort of stunned they sold out so quickly)


:frowning: No TPS Cover Sheets??? :frowning:

BOC Fodder.