KETO-MOJO Ketone & Glucose Blood Testing Kit

KETO-MOJO Ketone & Glucose Blood Testing Kit

Idk if this is a dumb question, but would this tell me if I was in the good keto? As in replace the keto pee sticks? Not the deadly keto that diabetics need to stay far away from.

No clue, but you don’t want to be near the second

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It’s a shame the replacement test strips are so expensive (about $1 each), it seems to have pretty good reviews otherwise…

Okay, yeah nevermind. I didn’t actually look at it. I assumed you prick your finger and the device measures it. Somehow. Without strips. Obviously, my knowledge is limited to using the “it turns purple if you’re in ketosis” sticks. Which is what usually helps me say no to carbs. Well, at least that’s what worked before quarantine. But I’m blessed not to need this device.

Yes. Can measure point of care blood glucose and or ketones with corresponding strips. I have older version. Works well.

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Dollar strips are for ketones. Glucose ones are cheaper. Other ketone strips cost 5-8 per strip. That said you can buy other devices glucose strips “old stock or overstock” for cheaper than this. Overall however not a terrible deal.

I get ketone strips on the mothership, 50 for $8 but they’re probably not super accurate since they’re more for lo carb dieters vs medical need. I was thinking this item would replace having to buy strips in general.

Man I wanted this so bad. I broke down and bought one at GNC for full price, got it home and the strips were all expired. Be sure to check the date on your strips

Keto Mojo is like the gold standard, pee sticks don’t really work and it will also measure glucose. You will need to purchase Keytone and Glucose test strips though. You don’t need to purchase both but if you want to know both you will.

Does anyone know if this item comes with the lifetime warranty that is shown on the amazon page or only the woot warranty?

I got the Keto Mojo during the flash sale and it arrived yesterday. The test strips for both ketones and blood glucose are expired. No response from customer service yet.

I found a solution if you have the strips expired just change the date open the battery compartment push the orange button and change a date before the expiration date now is going to work.

I am looking to this model that I Received TD-4279 and this model doesn’t have Bluetooth integrated you have to buy an accessory to have Bluetooth all the information in this woot is all wrong. so not Bluetooth expired strips not so good deal .

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Expired testing strips, false advertising about important features… Yes this is feeling a bit scammy even for woot (meaning often dealing with older inventory in general). It’s one thing when talking about speaker docks or something but with what is a health/medical trip device, it’s a little different.