Kewl Toyz



Toys for the younger set, or just the young at heart with an Angry Birds plush.

How far does your Angry Bird go?


My sister had a baby last month and so I may be in for the activity center and toy bundle. Lemme think on it and I’ll get back to you after work.


I want angrier birds! Those are not nearly angry enough. >:(


Bought the yellow angrybird during the last woot-off, a little disappointed, the size you see is actually the size you get, very small bird!!


bought the chicco toy set last time and the toys are really great. It’s a good value. Of course I jumped the gun a bit - at the time my baby was 4 weeks old and she wasn’t really interested in toys. She’s now 8 weeks and still not really interested in them but I’m sure she will be… soon.


i got the yellow bird for my youngest, since we have a red bird and piggie. all my kids love to play with them, so now they all have one.